Thursday, February 7, 2008

16 Weeks and Feeling Fine

Hello. So the time is really flying by. I am already sixteen weeks five days, so that is quite good. I'm already into the second trimester. It's kind of bittersweet for me, because this is my last pregnancy (for sure this time), I want to really enjoy it, don't want to wish it away. But it's going quickly nonetheless. A few more weeks will be the halfway point already. I am starting to show a bit more now, and am into maternity clothes, which is exciting right now but five months from now I'm sure I will absolute these clothes that excite me so today. But I guess that's the way it is. Novelty fades fast.
Onto other news. A major crisis is looming in my life. My vehicle, Safari Blue, has suffered a major set back with her engine. She seized up on December 10th and is STILL recovering from this. It is totally frustrating not having a vehicle. Safari Blue has been in the shop for almost two months and that sketchy guy keeps putting me off "Next week it will be done". But next week has come and gone several times over and I am still carpooling with my husband. I guess that's OK. It's pretty much the only time we ever get alone together, so maybe we should embrace the oppurtunity. But mostly all we do is talk about the weather. But I guess that's the way marriage goes. As I said before, novelty fades fast.
The other thing that is new with me is I finished the book I was working on!!!! I finished it on or about mid January. I was really excited to finish the final chapter. But then I was sort of saddened. Its fairly anti climactic to finish a book. It's like you spend so much of your time and energy working on it, thinking about it, and then all of a sudden, its done. So now I am working on trying to get an agent, but that has not been going well. Writing the book actually seems like the easy part. I have written five literary agencies. Two rejected me, although I have to say that so far as rejection letters go they were fairly optimistic-- citing the reason as "market conditions" or "current workload back up". One actually said that my project "was interesting and inspired with many appealing elements". But it was still a no. A third person said they would read my manuscript- for a price. A large price, and even that wouldn't gauruntee that they would represent me. There are two others out there in limbo, replies pending. It's been about two months, so I am considering this as a good sign- maybe it means that they are considering it or thinking about it. Usually they are pretty quick to fire off those rejection letters.
Anyways, that is about it for me for now.