Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The war wages on.

Here I am again. I don't know why I do this, people. You say 'we want the blog', 'we need the blog'. So I write one and what response do I get? Nothing. A comment from my mom and my SIL. I mean, bless them (and really, I do. They're great people. If you don't know them, you should meet them), but the thing is that I talk to them like every day anyways. So I don't really need to write a blog for them. You see where I'm going with this? But anyways.
For those of you who are familiar with dates and holidays, you will note that today is Halloween. This year was quite swell. Gage was a vampire and Payton was Dora. It was a busy day and it is good now to relax. I am looking forward to throwing out our Jack O Lanterns, as they seem to have sprouted hairs. I've consulted the manuals, and apparently this is a bad sign. I know you may thinking 'what manuals are there for pumpkins and where shall I purchase mine?' Well, there are a variety of manuals available (You and Your Gord, Harper Collins; Gording to Know your pumpkin, McNally Robinson and Pumpkins for Dummies, Random House Press.) They are very titillating if you love pumpkin trivia and facts, which I can only assume that any warm blooded woman would. The pumpkin issue aside, every year I seem to notice a disturbing trend. My children were trick or treating for about forty five minutes and got about two bags of candies each, which if you do the calculations, is about fourteen cubic centimeters of candy every four minutes. I am quite certain that when I was a child this formula was quite different. To get that same amount of candy I probably would have had to go trick or treating for nine to eleven hours. And it's not just the quantity of candy that's on the rise. The quality is also much improved. During my trick or treating years, I got probably 85% crap-- which includes those horrid molasses things, God only knows what they're made of, those "Rockets' which are just like chalk or something, jelly beans, raisins and suckers. These days it's 85% chocolate bars and chips, 15% 'other'. These kids these days. They just don't know how good they have it. I'll tell ya, it wasn't like that back in my day. Back in my day we had to walk thirteen miles in forty below weather with no shoes on just to get a mesely bag of Rockets and raisins, but it was worth it because that comprised at least 50% of your candy consumption for the year. Nowadays, candy is like a staple in thier diet. My kids don't even eat their Halloween Candy because they get better candy just in the usual course of their daily lives. Well, I guess, I'm to blame for that, really, but I'm a victim of this society, so I don't know any better, so don't be hatin'.
Onto other matters. They say that 'once an addict always an addict' and that recovery is just day by day "One day at a time, Sweet Jesus"). This is a lesson that I have learned through my many wise and learned years. And I guess that pregnancy test addictions are more similar to other addictions than I had realized. I seem to have caught the buzz again. Some months ago, I posted a little diddy called "My last pregnancy test". Sadly, unbenounced to me at the time, that was not to be the case. So now I am back at it, although I do seem to be able to space them out by two to four days in between tests, which is good. I did one today, which was negative. I just hate it because I never really know what is up with me. I haven't had my period since... well it's complicated to explain. Here is a rundown of my menstual cycle for the past several months. I know that is something that weighs heavy on everyones mind.
Nov 23 '06-- miscarried
Dec 24 '06--Started period
Jan 22 '07 --Started period
Feb 22 '07--Last period before next misc.
Mar 20 '07--Positive preg. test
April 23 '07-- Miscarried.
May '07--No period
June '07-- No period
July '07-- Induced period July 2
-Postive preg test July 31/07
August 30/07--Miscarried
Sept/07--No period
Oct/07--No period.
So, it seems that things have been out of whack. I think my uterus took a little vote and voted to strike. It's like "they don't pay me enought for this S**T." and just walked off the job, which, to a certain extent, I could understand, because it has had a rather busy year. I asked to OBGYN about it and she was like 'it doesn't really matter. As long as you get four periods a year we don't worry about it." She said the only thing is that it will make it harder for me to get pregnant, but the only way to regulate it is to go on the pill, which, obviously will make it even harder to get pregnant. I don't see her again until January, so hopefully things will straighten themselves out before then, because I don't even know if I can get pregnant at the moment with things like this, not that we're really trying to, but at the same time, we're not trying not to try, either. You're probably not following me, but that's OK. Anyways. Today a patient at my work asked me if I was pregnant. I said "No. Why do you ask? Am I getting fat? (and face it, I am. Read my entry "Roll out the barrel for my feelings on that subject). She said I looked 'glowing' like a pregnant person. I said no, that was just the after effect from being overworked (I'll thank the nursing shortage for that), but thanks. Anyways. I guess that is all I really wanted to say. Have a nice night!!!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Hello Kitty

Well, I've decided to post again after much public pressure. Okay. In reality, there were two people who asked me about the blog. But, really, two people is nothing to sneeze at. And it's not the size of the wand, anyways, it's the magic it can perform. Well, now I think I'm onto another subject entirely.

So it's been a month since I've blogged. The leaves are turning color, a testament to the fact that the seasons are changing once again. Things for me remain much the same, with few differences. First off, we are, again, in the process of getting a new coffee pot at work. The old one sprung a leak. So this is interesting and exciting. I'm not a big coffee drinker, but still, it's hard not to get caught up in the fervor of it.

On the home front, my dad came to visit me this week. It was nice to have company. I prepared a nice pot roast which was well recieved, though I still don't undertand why they call it pot roast. Where's the pot?? What does the pot have to do with anything?? It's perplexing, but I try not to spend too much time thinking about it. Some things we simply must accept for what they are.I think I shall have to add that little peice to my stand up act. "What's the deal with pot roast? It's a roast, but it's not a pot." Jerry Seinfeld eat your heart out. At any rate, for those of you who have not heard my stand up routine, just trust me when I say it's quite stellar. I would post it on here, but it just wouldn't do it justice because in comedy, delivery is everything. From the reviews that I have gotten so far, my delivery is spot on. It basically makes the routine. So. I can't post it on here. Perhaps sometime, for those of you lucky ones, you will get to hear it. As for my other career, I continue to soldier on with the book that I am writing. I am almost finished it now and am pleased with the progress. I submitted a query letter to a literary agent, and am hoping to hear something one way or the other soon. If I can get an agent, there is some chance that I could get it published. Without an agent, I will surely perish as a writer and be forced to live off of wieners and beans. Pot roast will be a thing of the past for me, such as it is.

As for the whole baby issue, things are still very much up in the air right now. The bad news is that Geoff states that he does not wish to have any more children. The good news is that it seems to me that he hasn't quite figured out where babies come from as he is not particularly insistent on using any form of birth control. As such, I continue to take my folic acid every day. I find this time of year a bit tricky, as I am approaching yet another due date. My due date from the pregnancy I lost in April was November 29th. I find it hard to believe that I would already be close to term and perhaps starting my mat. leave soon. I see people who are very pregant and think to myself "I would look like that now, too." But. Instead I am getting a kitten. Kittens are cute, though. So. I guess that should be good.

The kitten will be here tomorrow at 10 sharp. Her name is Zoey Brooks Makepeace and we got her for free out of the paper. She looks fairly cute and the children much anticipate her arrival. I can only hope that the cat experiment goes better than the dog experiment, which went terribly awry (see: Goodbye my Friend for more details.) Will post a picture of the Zoeymiester tomorrow. Have a nice night.