Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happy Holidays

I've always been hesitant about posting pictures of my kids on this blog, on account of all the creepy Internet stalky people out there. I mean, I know it's not most of you- but just today someone found my blog by googling "How to insert a Nyquil soaked tampon." It is entirely unclear to my why this blog came up. I do not recall ever writing about Nyquil soaked tampons. Further more I cannot imagine why a person would even want to-

Anyways, I've decided to post a picture of my kids for three reasons:
1) Because I want to show that I actually do have kids.
2) I want to show that they are not actually traumatized.
and 3) Because they are cute!

That's Gage on the left, who is turning 13 soon.
Our baby, Alex is in the middle- who, at the moment is not dealing well with wearing clothes. He does have clothes- so please do not alert child and family services.
And Payton on the right, our only girl- our drama queen and self appointed princess. Seriously. For a long time she actually made us refer to her as "Princess Payton." She is very sparkly, and probably, if we let her, would wear that garland 24/7 until Christmas was over- maybe even a little bit into the new year.

Anyways, from my family to yours, happy holidays.


Lorrie said...

I love this pic and if a crazy stalker internet guy really wanted to find pics of kids, unfortunatly they don't have to look too hard. Sickening that that's what the world has come to although I'm sure there were creeps before the internet...they just had to work harder.
Also, as your unofficial editor-in-chief I must note (it's my duty) that Gager is on the left and Princess Payton is on the right. Although both names are kind of unisex so go with it.
You've talked about Nyquil and tampons in your blog so maybe the Google Gods thought this weird person should check it out. And don't judge...maybe their 'you know what' just wouldn't go to bed and they had to knock it out with some Nyquil.

randine said...

Thanks Lo, I'm SO BAD at left and right. I literally have to ask the patients which arm is (whatever) and they'll point and be like "it's this one" and I'll be like "and so- just for confirmation- that's your right?"

mom said...

I Love 'em!!!! ALL My grandkids r Amazing!!!