Monday, January 10, 2011

Blogcations and Vacation and Unposted Posts

So apparently I've been on a blogcation. I really hadn't intended to be away this long. But then I just got caught up with the holidays and all that stuff. And then after that every idea I came up with to write about was crap.

I was going to write a post called "My year in incidental expenses" but then I thought- do people really care that I had to shell out a hundred bucks to get my dog dewormed this summer? And then I was going to write a post about hand sanitizers, because I don't buy antibacterial soap- don't beleive in it- but it's getting virtually impossible to even find just plain soap anymore, everything has ANTIBACTERIAL written all over it.  But then I thought- do people really care what kind of hand soap I buy? And then I was going to write a short story using all of my blog titles from 2010, but that quite quickly became impossible because I've used such weird titles like "But Stephen King has a penis yo" and "Strange Entrance Paths" and "The sixty forty rule" and the story was really going in a strange direction. Anyways, my dashboard is full of drafts in various stages of completion, and NO published posts yet.
Shame on me.
2011 hasn't been a very good year thus far for me blogging wise.

Anyways. I'm back, and I'm gonna write something whether or it sucks or not.
The main going on in my life right now is preparing for Mexico, which means, for me- losing ten pounds. Or trying to. Easy peasy, I thought initially. I'll just skip breakfast, drink an instant breakfast for lunch, have a sensible dinner, walk everyday, no snacks, no calories in my drinks. The first few days were good. Great.
But then I started gagging on those instant breakfast thingys. Turns out after a few days they don't taste so good.

And then it got cold outside. Like really cold. -20 ish.  And I really don't want to walk outside in the cold. My ears were all red when I got home, and that can't be good for you. Plus there are people that don't even shovel their sidewalks and it's all icy and slippery. Frankly it's just hazardous.  I mean- I want to excercise, I just don't want to break my hip. I mean- what kind of a vacation would that be?

So long story short- I've lost four pounds. And I'm leaving in four days. Six pounds in four days? Doable? I don't know. At this point I'm like whatever. I'll just drink a daquiri- maybe two- when I get there and then all my reservations will fly out the window anyways and I'll be happily prouncing about in my little bathing suit- six pounds or not. I mean- haven't you ever seen anyone who's had three kids before? Yes, I do have a slightly unsighly roll at my waist that looks strikingly like a batch of unkneaded bread dough. But it's too late to worry about that. Oh well who cares. People like bread dough. Don't they?
And if they don't, well, they should.

So I probably won't be around much again for the next few weeks. We leave on Friday for two weeks in Peurta Vallarta. My family is crazy excited about it and the anticipation is palpable in our house right now. Last year we went for first time and were vaguely excited about going. Having never been there before we were excited, but only in an abstract way, like the way that I would- perhaps- look forward to retirement. It's like "Yeah- it'll be nice, but it's a long way off." And then on top of that,  the week prior to leaving I watched a Dateline special called like (and don't quote me on this) "Gone in the Night" and it was about all these slayings in Mexico and abductions and that left me with a seriously bad taste in my mouth.
But this year I have no such reservations. If I get beheaded I get beheaded, what can you do?

I'll leave you with this, the lyrics to a song that we are forever quoting in our house right now: Toes, by Zack Brown.

I've got my toes in the water, ass in the sand
Not a worry in the world, a cold beer in my hand
Life is good today
Life is good today.


Terri said...

Have an amazing vacation!! We have never ventured anywhere hot in the winter, but I am thinking that next year it will be a must!!

Joann Mannix said...

Have a wonderful time and not to pimp my blog or anything, but when you come back, I'll have written about my Mexican vacation. I'm glad you'll be reading about it after your vacation instead of before. That's all I'm sayin.

Amy said...

I'm so glad you're back. The other day I said to the BF. "Randine hasn't been around in quite a while. I hope she's okay."
He of course stared at me like I was crazy - he's not really in on the whole bloggy - thing.
Hope you have a great time down south :)

Lorrie said...

I also wondered if you had fallen to the same fate of "Gone in the Night" but then you kept popping up at family functions out of nowhere so I knew you were alive 'cuase people kept saying, "what is RANDINE doing here?" or "who invited the heavy chick...she could stand to lose like 6 pounds?!" So excited for you guys to stick your ass, toes and whatever other body part you see fit in the sand.

Sharla said...

Enjoy! And stay away from the beheadings, girl. You won't look your best, and that unkneaded dough will be the least of your worries! LOL. Following you now...