Thursday, September 20, 2007

Happy Anniversary Baby

So today is our anniversary, if you couldn't tell by the title of my blog. This may come as a surprise to my mother, who had my wedding date pegged as something TOTALLY different during a recent game of Trivial Pursuit the Randine Edition (Copyright Lorrie Sorowski productions, patent pending). She didn't even get the year right. Pu-Leez. So for those of you not in the know- this is our fourth year of wedded bliss. Or wedded something.
Our wedding night. A beautiful night. Romance. Tender kisses. Softly whisperd professations of love. This is how one might envision a wedding night. But ours was different. First of all our accomodations got all screwed up so we ended up sleeping in the cabin that had been henceforth unrentable because of some problems with the heating and lighting. And by problems with the heating and lighting- I mean NO heating or lighting. And then my husband decides to go off to someone elses cabin to party. I was like 'what am I supposed to do here'. He was like 'chill'. And so I did. Quite literally so. Mere hours into the marriage and there I was- cold, alone, and in the dark. Not quite how I pictured things. Geoff wasn't actually gone for long. It probably seemed longer than it was. Hard to have a sense of time when you're in the complete blackness. And so then we were totally intent on having s*x, not because we really wanted to but because we felt like we HAD to do it, on account it was our wedding night and all. So this resulted in a lengthy discussion/argument about who would have to be on top, because we were both too tired to really expend any energy. Anyways, it was a rather poor effort on both our parts, and would have to go down as one of my low points, sexually speaking, right next to that one rather unfortunate night with this one guy who was a real loser, thanks to a little too much merrity at the old tavern. Anyways, here we are now, four years later. Still married, despite our dreary beginning. Four years is actually four times longer than I ever thought we would be married. That first year was tough slugging. But I do go on.
Anyways, the good thing about spending your wedding night cold, alone and in the dark is that there is literally nowhere to go but up. So I can truly say that I am happier today that I was four years ago at this time. Although right at this precise moment I am not sure-- Payton is shrieking, the dog is puking and Gage is refusing to do his homework. I may have been cold and alone that night, but the key word there is ALONE. It's not such a bad thing.
Speaking of alone- my little Pooky is going to be going to my 'rents cabin tomorrow for the week. We shall miss her but it shall be a nice break. And when I say Pooky, just for the sake of clarity-- I mean Payton, not Geoff. I love him, but not that much.
Anyways, as far as marriage goes, things are good. Four years comes and goes quickly. Geoff is no picnic to be married to, let me tell you. In case you haven't noticed- he's not exactly Mr. Congeniality most of the time- or even half of the time. But you know, what can I say?? I have learned to accept him for who he is- flaws and all, and I have found that in four years he has become a much better man, husband and father. I am sure that for him, being married to me IS truly a picnic, as I know that I am without faults, so that's a lucky thing for him. One thing that I have noticed about Geoff when it comes to anniversaries is he ALWAYS buys me cards with cartoons on them. Every year I expect to get a really sweet, mushy card, and then I end up getting a card with Snoopy that has some cheesy line in it. Anyways, I had better be going. It is my anniversary after all, and I definately plan on getting it on. So I shall report on that later. TTFN.


jayceelee said...

Happy Anniversary Randine!!
Four years hey? Time has flown. I did not know of that wedding night story, kinda funny, but I'm sure most people don't get the "passionate sex" they think they would have on their wedding night (although, I am not one to comment since I haven't yet experienced it yet!)
You guys have created the perfect little family in the last four years, and I am sure that in the future, you will be even happier.
I send my love to you and Gee. Hope you can celebrate!
Love Jody

Mom said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! You certainly are a "Picnic" to live with, Your father, Geoffery and myself certainly concur on that! By Pooky, I did think you were sending Geoff, oh well payton is a fair trade! You guys deserve a wonderful nite--you have had lots of ups, downs, smiles and tears---Wishing you both, many more yrs, many more smiles and many more visits with ME!!! XXXXOOO Love You , Mom ( Did I not teach you -- this S*X thing is "PRIVATE"