Wednesday, January 2, 2008

11 Weeks and Feeling Chunky

This post is from Jan 2/07
I had saved it until I could fix my USB, but I am still no further ahead on that issue, so I'll just go ahead and post it without the pictures.
Hello again. It's been a while since I've written on here. Hopefully there are some of you still out there. If not, well, what the heck. Anyways, the last time I wrote on here I believe I was saying that my husband wanted to start wearing condoms (plug your ears mom) and so I was getting worried about that. Luckily for me, the Fates have taken my side on this issue and mere days after that last post I got a postive pregnancy test. TOO LATE!! I told my husband. The pregnancy came in just under the wire as I like to say, and things have been going great ever since. My doctor has me on these crazy hormone supplements, and so far they seem to be making all the difference. We had an ultrasound the week before christmas which was COMPLETELY NORMAL, so that was exciting. I'm like Pavlov's dogs when I go to that ultrasound place-- operant conditioning has taught me that I become psychologically traumatized when I go for ultrasound so as soon I see the room and the gel and the table I become physically ill and really anxious and tense. I didn't even want to look at the screen, such was my fear. But staightaway the ultrasound chic (I'm pretty sure that's not her official title) said 'Its OK' and then I looked and I saw the most beatiful little blobby that I've ever seen. So cute. So blobby, with a strong heart rate of 169 and moving it's little stubbly arms and legs. So I'm due on July 19th, which makes me now 11 weeks, 4 days.

I'm at this point now where my stomach is starting to pop out a bit, which at first I thought was great. Now I'm becoming disullusioned because every time I catch my side profile it seems apparent that I'm at some in between point where I'm not really fully 'showing' but my stomach does seem to be chunkier than usual, which gives the impression that I've hit the holiday egg nog too hard. Which I haven't. I don't even like egg nog. I don't even know what that stuff is. What the hell is 'nog'? and how are eggs a drink? Anyways.

So that is the main thing for me. Other than that-- Christmas was good, the kids are doing well, growing like weeds, though I'm uncertain as to how this is possible when I see what they eat. We took them to a buffet on New Years and what do they take. Payton: a bowl of Borscht and a bowl of Jello. I'm looking at her food and the $6.99 they charged for it and thinking 'something doesn't add up." Gage: A bowl of mashed potatoes and a bowl of Jello. I don't get it. I really don't. Anyways, this is it for now. This is a picture of me, pregant, 11 weeks. It may be difficult to really appreciate because my husband hasn't quite figured out how to work the 'zoom' feature on the camera. This could take a while. I'm still working on getting the toilet seats down, so... I basically don't hold out much hope.

Okay. I can't post the picture. Some problem with my USB port. Will try to adress this sometime soon, but I'm sure you can imagine well enough what I look like in the meantime.

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