Sunday, January 24, 2010

Feeling hot hot hot

just a quick update from mexico, sorry no capital letters lo, i can't quite figure out all of the symbols on this keyboard. the flight here was good with some ups and downs of course, starting with some downs, in particular, delays due to fog. we arrived at the airport at nine thirty with plenty of time to spare before our eleven fifty flight at nine thirty am, slowly the flight was pushed back to twelve fifteen, twelve thirty, twelve fifty, one ten, etc. we ended up boarding at about two pm with three kids who were already exhausted from spending nearly the whole day in the airport. the flight to toronto went well, alex travelled like a trooper with not a single whimper or fuss, slept great and watched tv. payton had a bit of a hard time with her ears but kept it together. leaving toronto was pretty stressful as we realized at check in that we were short a bag and geoff was left behind to deal with that, we were all quite panicked as we arrived at the airport late as it was and were in a hurry to get through security. i took the kids through security and waited an xiously for geoff to arrive. they were announcing that the plane was ready to board when he finally came to the gate, and honestly i don't think i have ever been so happy to see him in my life.
the flight was a bit harder on alex, a bit of fussing here and there, but not too bad. lots of kids on that flight, and the flight attendant even went through the safety spiel in a modified version which was like dr. seuss style. getting through customs in mexico was rough, the kids were tired, it was hot, we were carrying so much stuff, long line ups, etc.
but it was worth it to arrive here and be greeted at the doors with complimentary champagne, even sparkling cider for the kids. our rooms are beautiful with amazing views. it is twenty nine every day, although it always windy here. the kids are having an amazing time. i am slightly burned but not bad, considering. i played in the ocean with the kids. we've been mini golfing and water sliding and lots more. i took alex to daycare for the first time today but was paged--they give you pagers when you sign your kids in--- shortly after to come and get him, so that didn't work out well. he is adjusting well to the vacation life, waking up at six am demading to go outside. the food is great and i think we will all gain a good ten pounds at least this week.
but i need to be going now, geoff is waiting for me outside.
will see you all soon!!!
love from quantana roo...


Lorrie said...

So glad you're having my mini blog to follow for life in Saskatoon:
"Stopped by Dini's this a.m. to feed the furry family members but couldn't pull in front of the house because of the metre high snowbank so the bastards will have to eat their own tails if they're starving. Hope the feral one in the garage is okay and found Geoff's beer stash to keep himself hydrated. Hoping he didn't find the "other" stash. Will try again tonight with husband in tow to carry me over the banks."
But seriously, I am so happy you guys are having a blast. Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

randine said...

thanks lo for feeding the cats, or at least trying to. i was laughing out leading reading your comment!! i will trust that all is well at home. can't wait to see you all. actually, no, i can. nothing personal. adios, i am going off to have a cervaso or two or three. thanks for reading.

Lorrie said...

Were you totally ROTFLYAOWDAC??????? If you figure that out you're my hero!!
Tell MIL, FIL, BIL, GIL, PIL and AIL that I'm thinking of them...and shooting imaginary daggers out of my eyeballs...with love of course!!!!!!!
Oh and tell BIL that T says he owes him a case of beer for tunneling out your house.