Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fish out of water.

Well color me overdressed, was my first thought when I walked into the 'garage party' that my parents neighbors were hosting. Dressed in grey tweed pants with a subdued pattern of blue plaid, a black sweater adorned with a silver and blue necklace (to pick up on the blue in the pants), silver ballet flats and a white three quarter lenght dressy jacket with oversized silver buttons, my hair straightened and glossed and pulled back into a sleek ponty tail, I might have guessed that I would be slightly overdressed for a 'garage' party, but really I don't have a very wide selection of loose fitting clothes to choose from, other than pyjamas.

The pyjamas might have been a better choice, I thought with dismay, noting the overabundance of grey sweat pants, lumberjackets and Timberland boots. As it turns out, garage parties are pretty informal.

I was a little out of my element convesation wise as well. The conversation pretty much centered all around what kind of fishing they do, the kinds of fish they catch, the weights of said fish, which lakes are good for fishing at various points in the year. Out of kindness, perhaps, someone asked me what type of fishing I was into. I answered that I had never been fishing, per se. That seemed to be a bit of a conversation killer. Stunned silence. I might as well have just told them that I was an escaped mental patient. In fact, I think I now know how escaped mental patients must feel. I mean, a little understanding would go a long way. I restrained myself from saying that I philosophically don't really like the whole idea of killing things for sport. And also- fish?? Ew. Seriously.
And of course, there was much ado about Ladies Night. Some factions of the population are boycotting the event, based on the totally controversial upon change of venue. And not only that, but apparently thier much loved band "The Chicken Heads" were not booked this year, and this had lead to many ripplings of discontent.
Anyways, I am planning on attending Ladies Night, so this will be interesting to see how it plays out. There are concerns about the turnout this year.
And then there I was, drinking my Chardonnay while they were all passing around a bottle of Yager, which I politely declined to drink.
Anyways, I survived the night. My first 'garage party.' I was completely unscathed, although the next day I did have to take a fistful of Tylenol #1, Gravol and Advil to get through the day. But. Still.
But the point is, I have never considered myself to be a snobby person. But now I may have to consider that fact.
Oh, and as for Alex's diarrhea, not to keep you all in suspense, but things do seem to be improving a bit. We have been giving him Lacteeze, so it does help somewhat, although not completely, and that is a concern with Easter around the corner.
But that is all for today.

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Lorrie said...

I believe the venue should have tipped you off??? Or did you mistake 'garage' for 'gay rage'...I didn't know you were so supportive of the gay and lesbian community...or was it the exact opposite and your rage was directed AT them?
Glad you had fun and that in the end, you didn't have to wave a rainbow flag OR light a torch and yield a pitchfork!