Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Strange Compliments, Part 1

This isn't what I had planned on posting today, but I thought this would be fun. These are some compliments, I think, that I've gotten that have made me go "what the..." afterwards.

-I ran into an old coworker once a few years ago. She was getting on the elevator, I was getting off.
The conversation was awkward at once. I wasn't sure what the protocol was, when she had her hand holding the elevator open, was half in and half out. Should I stay? But that would hold her up. Should I go? But that would seem rude. So I offered I quick, "Hey, long time no see." or something like that as I brushed past.  She was like "Wow, I can't believe it's you," and I was like, okay, yea, this is weird but whatever- because it's not like I was assumed dead in some hiking accident and then come back to life like you see on TV. I had merely switched jobs. I was like "yeah it's been a long time, I guess" 
She still seemed so taken aback.
"You -just-- look --so-- different," she stammered, as she studied me hard. "You look so-- so nice."
Uhm. Okay.
I guess?

-My mom said to me the other day about a recent blog post- the one about para sailing, to be exact. "Well," she said, when I asked if she had read it. "You really do know how to make a short story long."
"Thanks!" I said. Then "Wait a minute- is that supposed to be a compliment? Cuz I'm not really sure."
It's called building tension. Or rambling.
Or whatever.

-At my latest Pap test, my doctor was trying to explain to me how and where to put my feet. For some reason, I was having a problem following her directions. She was like "Just put your," she said as she picked up my leg, "more like this," and then she frowned, moved it back how I had it, and was like "actually this is better this way. I didn't know legs could go like that. You're really very flexible," she said, seemingly excited by this prospect.
I was like "Er, thanks- I guess?"
That was awkward.
Even for a pap test. I refuse to call it a pap smear, because don't you just hate the word "smear."
I don't know why but it sounds gross to me.

Anyways, those are the ones that come to mind right now. I'm sure there will be more.
Have a good day!


Jennifer Hillier said...

Oh boy do I know about strange compliments. My family excels in strange compliments. My all-time favorite: I'm 18, and bringing my new boyfriend to a family party. My very loud aunt comes right up to me (in front of the boyfriend) and says, "Wow, Jenny! You look so pretty! No more pimples!"

Yeah, I died. Boyfriend cried with laughter. And we're married now, so I guess it worked out okay.

ma said...

It was a compliment! Honest to God!

There is always the "My what a beanpole you are!" Aunty of course meant--You are so lovely, tall and thin!
I got--So you've cut your hair...Do You LIKE it?

Anyways, You really are smarter than you look!

ma said...

"You sure are a Beanpole"! Aunty Ricky would have definetly meant, you are so nice and thin, so tall!
I like when someone said to me , :You got your hair cut, you LIKE it?

Anyways you definetly Smarter than u Look! Love, Yo Mama

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tattytiara said...

Oh wow, it is so funny to read this post today, since basically the same thing happened to me this afternoon.

"So what's up with you? You've lost weight, you've got makeup on, you've got your hair done..."

Well, I'm pretty confident I've gained weight (and was wearing three - count 'em - three layers of clothing), I had lip gloss on to cover my cracked lips but nothing else, and I put some oil gunk in my hair to tame the winter fly-aways earlier but that was it - I haven't even combed it.

Sooo... am I to presume I usually look fat and haggard, and just by chance of lighting or something got lucky today? It really was disconcerting!

Lorrie said...

Well said MIL...twice! I hate when people one day gush, "oh I LOVE that shirt on you" and then the next day NATTA. So obviously all your other shirts are stupid and ugly and dumb and you should only wear that one shirt everyday 'till it falls apart and then buy another one exactly like it and get buried in it when you die. Yes, I'm a people pleaser!!!!

Katie Mills said...

haha. I don't like the word 'smear' either. Ick. Funny kinda-compliments though! lol