Friday, February 13, 2009

News And Reviews

The biggest news around here by far is that the soothers have arrived!! We are so excited to have them. They are great!! Alex seems to enjoy them. So Yay!!
Other news: I'm over my fear of dentists. I don't know how it happened. I went to the dentist, and then I was sitting there, and then I realized- I'm not scared. I feel quite fine. I do not care what they do to me. So that was good. I got some cavities filled. So now I am a responsible dentist going adult. They didn't give me a sticker, though, which would have been nice.
Also, I have switched from Colgate toothpaste to Sensodyne, as I seem to have developed some sensitivity problems. So that has been going well. The children have a startling interest in toothpaste. I bought this new toothpaste and they're all excited to try it out, "I can't wait to brush my teeth tonight!! Can I be the first one to try it??" What strange behavior. You would have honestly thought that I'd bought a model airplane rather than a tube of toothpaste.

Now for the bad news. Well not bad, per se. Just not very good. In January I sent out some query letters for Having Grace, and yesterday I recieved my first rejection letter. The others should be soon to follow. It is a bit disheartening. According to one websites' Advice for Writers, I have done everything right:
1. An unhappy childhood: Apparently, most novelists are geeky children and adolescents that wear thick glasses eat thier bologne sandwiches alone at thier locker. And though I have to say that my vision was always pretty good and that I never really cared much for bologne, I was something of a loner throughout most of my school days. I have always found it hard to make friends. I was always the last one picked for the team, and that did hurt a bit. But it was worse when I would get picked first- because I knew that the teacher had probably asked the team captain to pick me first-on account of my low self esteem- probably in exchange for an extra ten percent on a science exam or something. Yes, the pity pick was worse than being picked last. Other team mates scowling at the captain, kicking the dirt angrily as I walked slowly across to thier team. Yes, I definately had the requisite unhappy childhood.
2. A Miserable Love Life: Check and check. Perhaps this isn't much of a surprise- but the girl who gets picked last for the team usually doesn't go to the school dance with the football captain on her arm. The girl that gets picked last basically doesnt' go to the school dance. She stays at home and watches Melrose Place and tells herself that dances probably aren't much fun and can you believe that Jake and Alison are together again??
3. A major in Liberal Arts: Yes, I went and got the requisite Liberal Arts degree. Which, so far as I can tell, has been an even bigger waste of money than the Debbie Travis Reed Diffussers I bought.
4. Get a job that takes you out of your comfort zone. Well, this isn't too hard. My comfort zone is at home wearing my slippers and flannel PJ's so, basically any job would do the trick. But my job is on skid row- so that definately qualifies for 'out of my comfort zone' since the first time I went there I locked my doors as I turned onto twentieth street and asked my boss when I got there if I was wearing any gang colors.
5.Write for yourself. I am always writing something. Letters, emails, my blog, my book, a short story- something. And I do it for the sheer sake of doing it.
6. Get a dog. Got it. It needs a bath.
And step 7,8 and 9 where I fail miserably: get published, get an agent, sign a contract.
Step 10: READ, well of course, here I am doing well. I will read anything- except for Golf Digest. Love to read.
So, according to the experts in the biz- I have done everything right. But, I guess, I shall just keep trying. And hey- at least I have those soothers!!
My new novel isn't coming together very good though, at the moment. I will post a page of it on here. I think maybe I just need to get over this hump that I'm at now. Tee hee. Hump is funny word. Anyways. And I finished my short story. I am now trying to decide which magazine to send it to.

Now for the reviews:
Firstly, the book Little Earthquakes by Jennifer Weiner. That's right. Weiner. As in Oscar Meyer. Name aside, the book is great. It illicits tears and laughter as it chronicles the journey of four women to and through new motherhood. It is a very frank and honest look at motherhood, not the over glorified version you see and hear all the time. For me, I found that very refreshing. I mean, normally, ask anyone who has a baby how the baby is and it's all coming up roses. The baby is great. Everyone is great. There seems this retisence on the part of society in general to talk about the fact that having a baby is a major life change and that it can be very difficult. I mean, you expect your newborn to smell like Johnsons baby shampoo all the time, to sleep peacefully in the little bassinette beside your bed, that you will be happy all the time and that you will be that person who has a baby and bounces back the next day- trim figure, shiny hair and ample breast milk to feed your baby. You should all just go out and get a copy right now!!
Secondly, the movie Hotel for Dogs. I took the kids to see it last week and it was a really cute show. I think I enjoyed it as much as the kids did. So many cute puppies.
Thirdly, Sensodyne toothpaste. It works good. Reduces sensitivity and leaves your mouth nice and minty feeling. The children also like it.
Anyways, that is all for now.
Thanks for reading.

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Lorrie said...

Do you think Alec Trebeck listened when people told him, "you're just a stupid Canadian with an interesting voice and superior'll never host a 20 season intellectual game show"? NO, he went ahead and he got that game show and by golly, he's making it in this crazy world.
So you too, my friend shall make it as big, if not bigger, than Alec. Mark my words.
On another subject...I JUST yesterday told a faculty member that I cannot believe they still 'pick teams' in school! Like hello, it's totally a popularity contest. Well that and if you can throw a good rubber ball. Both of which I was and could do (flip of the hair, raise of the chin, snub of the nose). Kidding, I was always the first one out in Dodgeball because I'd get hit on purpose so I could stand at the other end of the gym and laugh at the nerds get taken out one-by-nerdy-one.