Monday, May 18, 2009

Prognosis Negative

Mothers Day Update. Everyone has been asking how my mothers day went, eagerly anticipating news of whether or not I got the bedding set I so desired. OK, when I say every one I mean Jenn and Nadine. But that's like half my readership right there. So to answer the burning question: yes. I literally clipped out the picture of it and gave it to him to take to the store, so basically he couldn't go wrong. And don't despair- I ended up getting the Glade candle as well. The Glade candle is pretty much a sure thing for me, mothers day, christmas, birthday, you name it. So he did pretty good.
Onto other news. Yesterday I was sitting outside, relaxing with a book, enjoying the sun. And then Payton informs me of an emerging development that will shatter my peaceful day. "Mom, the dog's eating something, I think it's a mouse, I think maybe it's dead. Oh, no I think it's still alive."
So much for my relaxation.
I went down to the grass to see what she was talking about. What, precicely, I was going to do about the maybe alive/maybe dead mouse situation was beyond me- I am absolutely terrified of mice. But the she said "no, maybe it's a bird" and I was like "okay, that's a little bit better," but I was still a bit panicked as I got close to the thing. It was a sparrow. Mangled up from the cats, but the poor thing was still alive. I didn't know what to do. The cat was still outside and I didn't want it to get a hold of the bird again, so I went in and got Geoff. I was like "there's a bird outside and it's hurt really, really bad and can you pick it up for me and get it into the garage" which he was not overly enthusiastic about (of course), but he came outside with a little box with which he planned to scoop the bird up with. It was a very tense moment. I could hear it's feathers flapping like crazy, and Geoff kind of jumped back and I was like "Aaaahh, watch out!!" I didn't know if you could catch a disease that way or not, or the bird could somehow attack. But he managed to scoop it up, and we're like "well, now what?" I wanted to take the bird to the vet, but of course Geoff won't let me. He seems to think that it's a waste of money to spend a thousand dollars on a sparrow. Like, can you believe it?? So we put the sparrow in the garage in a box with a blanket, and the kids gave it some sunflower seeds to eat. Unfortunately, all we had was Dill Pickle, which the bird didn't seem to like. So then this morning, well, I'm sorry to say it, but the bird expired in the night. I don't know if it's from the dill pickle seasoning, or if it was mortally wounded all along, or if it was too cold (I told Geoff we needed to at least buy a heat lamp for it, but again- he wouldn't let me.) Anyways, the children are a little upset, altough we did try to warn them that the birdy probably wasn't going to make it ("I think he's really old and not feeling very good"). And now they want to bury it. So now we have to a funeral for the stupid thing. I mean. I didn't want to touch it when it was alive. I certainly don't want to touch it now that it's dead.
Good times in the Makepeace household.

Anyways. I guess I shall be going. I have a funeral to attend to.

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