Thursday, May 7, 2009

When it Rains it Pours

Well, when it rains it pours I guess. Sometimes I don't feel like writing at all, and other times I just can't seem to stop.
First of all, I spoke with Mother last night and apparently she's slightly offended at some of the stuff on this blog, although I cannot understand why that should be the case. Anyways, I just wanted to set the record straight that, in fact, the stuff I wrote yesterday was entirely untrue. She's not like that at all. She's really nice and funny and the kids love her. Everyone loves her. I just like to pretend that she's a really meddling mother-in-law type, although that couldn't be further from the truth (wink, wink).

So that being said... nothing really new with me. Geoff and I watched a movie last night. He picked it out. The Day the Earth Stood Still. Some kind of end of days deal, right up his alley. I think they should call it "The Day that Keunu Reeves should not be an actor anymore cuz he sucks. And the entire plot sucks, too." OK, I guess that would be a bit long for a movie title, and probably wouldn't generate much revenue, either, but... I just don't get the deal with Keanu. Like it's over, dude. OK.
Every day at supper we as a family go around and say our best and worst for the day. So I am going to start doing a similar thing on here. Today's topic --best and worst books. The best book I've read recently is "Something Borrowed" by Emily Giffin, which (ironically) I borrowed from someone at Paytons dance lessons. Do you see the irony there??? Such a good read. It's all that teenage melodrama stuff but amidst an adult context. Once I got into it I just couldnt' put it down. And now the worst- the worst book I've read recently is Mary Higgins Clark's latest "Where are you now?" The plot just seemed to drag out. I used to love Mary Higgins Clark, but lately it just hasn't been there for me. I don't know. Everyone's a critic I guess, right, and really, hey? Who am I to judge?? Like she's only made a bazillion dollars off her writing and I haven't earned a nickel. The worst book I've read ever is "The Fortune" by Micheal Korda. I don't even want to go there. If your an insomniac, the book might do you some good. Other than that, I fail to see why it's even in print.

So in my last entry I mentioned mothers day, and this has got my little wheels turning. Since Geoff works is in the restaurant biz, and mothers day is the busiest day of the year, mothers day generally finds him working long hours. He seems to think that this constitutes a write off for mothers day, a get out of jail free card. He's like "I wanted to do something for you, but I had to be at work all day." He usually shows up at about ten pm, exhausted from work, with a Glade Candle from Wal Mart and the latest Iris Johanssen book. I mean, I like Glade candles and all. But I don't even read Iris Johansen- her books are full of intercontinental espionage and the plots are usually two fold: there's some sort of a love triangle- where the pretty new detective falls for an older, roguish outlaw who she can't help falling in love with, and there's some sort of psychological warfare- be it mind control or what have you. It's exactly the kind of book he would pick. I mean, I just don't see- if you're going to be at work all day, fine- but you could still do something- have flowers delivered? But he just doesn't think of that kind of thing. So this year, I actually clipped out a picture of a bedding set that I want from Wal Mart. And he was like "Oh. As if I'd get you bedding for Mothers Day. I might as well just get you a toaster. You'd kill me." And I was like "listen dumbass, where I come from there's a pretty big difference between bedding and toasters, all right?" Like, honestly. And last year, he even let Payton (then 3) pick out a pair of pyjamas for me. I mean, nice idea, buddy, but really?? She picks out the brightest, loudest pair in the store. Bright orange pants with flourencent green hearts on it with a pink Snoopy shirt. God. I've said it before- us women should really just live together in a commune. I can tell you that Mothers Day would be given the proper amount of respect and enthusiasm. No more of this Glade Candle BS. Or Snoopy pyjamas.
Anyways, I'd better go.


Lorrie said...

Gotta say, your bro is a good hubby. One year I got a "Happy Meowther's Day" card from Lily and then a family ring when Mr. arrived. His sista musta done learned him good. Eat that Geo-two f's-rey!
Speaking of M Day...did the jeweller call you too and confirm the upsize on the diamond for your Mom's ring? I told him 'price is no what if it's so big it's gaudy?!'

Nadine said...

You can assure your Mom not to worry. I'm sure that anyone reading this know her well enough to know that none of what you said was true!
As for Mom's Day, men just don't get why it's nice for all we do to be celebrated! What happened for you on Mother's day this year? Did you get the bedding that you wanted?