Monday, August 17, 2009

Home Sweet Home

On Friday evening I was glad to return home from a busy work week and spend some QT with my kids. Of course, that was before I went into my bedroom and stepped on a bone that my dog had hacked up at some point during the day. Grudgingly, I cleaned up the mess off the floor. But I hadn't seen the last of the rib bones. At bedtime I snuggled in with my daughter Payton by my side. It was her birthday and I was recounting to her how five years ago we were in the hospital and she was a pink faced swaddled bundle laying beside me. She, unlike Gage-11, actually enjoys this story. We were having a nice mother daughter moment.
And the dog started up.
"What is that terrible smell?" Payton asked, looking like she was going to cry.
I wasn't sure, but as I looked over at the dog, I began to get an idea. She was heaving and wretching and making various noises. The end result was a pile of bile on the pillow beside us. So I got to work stripping the bed. Then I looked at Payton, who was turning green and crying "I don't feel good" So she runs for the bathroom, doesn't quite make it, vomits all over the place. Then she started laughing saying "I puked because the dog puked!". Standing there amidst soiled linen, a still wretching dog, a puke sodden newly 5 year old, all I could do was laugh.
Home Sweet Home.
It took some scrubbing and laundering, but finally we were resettled into bed. And so began my weekend.

Anyways, I am back at work this morning and that is not such a bad thing.
I woke with a start this morning thinking "Today's the Day!" noting the sunshine, a nice contrast from the steady dreariness of the weekend. Today I feel optimistic that I will hear something- be it good news or bad- although, obviously I would prefer good.
My manuscript is still in the hands of Agenty Ms Agent Pants, and I am feeling still a little nervous but somewhat less so. Every time I get a call at work I get all excited, because that's how I picture it happening-- at work when I least expect it-- although it seems to me that I'm always sort of expecting it, I just can't put it out of my mind-- but then it turns out that it's a Diabetes Rep asking me if I have enough lances. I mean diabetes testing supplies arent' very exciting at the best of times. Maybe it's just me. I dont' know.
Anyways, as I was saying before about not being able to put things out of my mind, I sometimes wonder if I'm borderline obsessive. Like some people that win the lotto say "Oh, and I had completely forgot that I bought that ticket!" But that NEVER happens to me. As soon as I buy a lotto ticket I begin to pick up this vibe, like that this ticket is really lucky. And then I go home and put it on my fridge, trying to decide what I will do with the jackpot. Will I quit my job? Or just go part time? Where I travel?? And to where?? How much many will I give my family members??
The planning gets more and complex the draw date nears. By the time they call the numbers I have everything worked out. And then I lose. So then I think "I'm never buying another lotto ticket again."
And then some days or weeks or months later, I start to get that vibe again, like THIS could be my lucky day. I was reading at my doctors office that that could be a sign of ADD. Impulse buying like lotto tickets. So I could well be ADD as well as obsessive.
I have a lot of issues.
I guess I'd better just be going. I am going to meet my husband for lunch. We got into a bit of a spat this morning and so he's treating me to a Quesidilla dinner, which I am looking forward to.
Will write when I know anything.


Lorrie said...

WTF is with that Junkyard Dawg? THAT'S why I don't want least when Lily pukes it's a neat little pile and she eats half of it by the time I can clean it up. Self sufficient little SOB I tell ya.
That's hilarious about Payton!!!!
You are so lucky to get lunch after a should just be a big biotch and then you'll get taken out everyday! But then you'll get really fat and he'll probably leave you so no more free lunches?!??!?!?!?! It's probably not worth it.

randine said...

I doubt it if he would leave me. I always play this game "Would you still stay married to me if..." and the answer is pretty much always yes. As for gaining weight, he says that he would still stay with me, but perhaps with less frequent sex. So win win.

Nadine said...

I can't believe your little lady is five!! How is she enjoying her first few days of school? Payton is so cute, good thing she sees the humour in the whole situation!! Good job with the whole fighting/lunch thing. I get dick all when Mark and I argue....accept to either agree to disagree or a joke by him to difuse my anger. As for your ADD and obsessive tendancies, I would guess that you do infact have both of these issues. My guess is a semi-educated guess from knowing you for as long as I have. Also b/c you and I sound to have many of the same issues along the same lines. But that's what you must put up with for brilliance...ha!!!
Once again, good luck with your manuscript, if this means anything, I find you very funny!! Oh and I'll be the first one in line to buy the book once it is published!!!