Friday, October 29, 2010

Fun with Condoms

Cola flavored condoms were a hot topic here at work this morning.
We got a shipment in last week. We were all kinds of curious, but we acted very professionally about it, nonetheless.
"Cola flavored," we said, matter of factly. "This is new."
We had seen just about everything else already: Blue berry, black berry, strawberry, banana, you name it.
But these cola ones had us intrigued.
"I wonder what they taste like?" we wondered out loud.
"Maybe we should open it?" someone suggested.
Someone sniffed at it. Pulled a face.
Eventually, someone agreed to be the taste tester.
We were briefed on it this morning.
"Doesn't taste like Cola at all," we were informed.
"Is it like Diet Pepsi?"
"No name Pepsi?"
Someone offered, "maybe you could mix it with Rye."
We all laughed. When someone added "That would be one stiff drink," we all erupted into laughter again.
"But you have to drink it 'on the rocks'!" someone else chimed in.

It's Friday, which is probably a good thing.
We've deteriorated into a bunch of sixteen year olds, apparently.
Have a good weekend.


Joann Mannix said...

Okay, so what is it you do? Cola condoms?

I know what cola candy and ice cream tastes like, which it pretty much tastes like ass, so I can imagine cola flavor on a condom. Bleech.

They've thought of everything now.

mom said...

Where r those people who think nurses get paid too much?

nikki said...

That's gross!!! I guess I would like something like cheese cake flavored comdoms or something! I really try to stay away from that area or Jay! Is that bad?!?

Lorrie said...

Close your eyes MIL - no Nikki, that is not bad...who in their right mind would choose to do such a thing...that's for pre-ring, hahahahahhaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MAYBE I'd consider it if they invented 'beer flavoured'.