Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

A list of things I did this morning as the day of my 33rd birthday dawned:

-tried to recover my stolen hotmail account, which as it turns out, isn't easy. I have to know the IP adresses of every computer I've ever logged onto my hotmail account and the dates and times. Two days ago I had no idea what an IP address was. Now I know all too much.
Hotmail "Agents" are now investigating. The whole thing is very clandestine. They give me secret passwords that let me into secret websites where they communicate with me on secure servers.
Honestly, when I pictured myself communicating with agents this is not what I pictured.
I wouldn't even care about my hotmail account if it weren't for the fact that I still have twenty some outstanding queries with that adress on them-- a seperate account that I created for this sole purpose.

-phoned the water company and told them that I made a payment on my account and could they please, pretty please, not disconnect my water. That lady did not seem very excited to hear the news that I had made a payment. If anything she sounded bored and irritated.

-Went online and made a payment.

-Tried to convince Alex that it's my birthday and not his. He does not like this. He does not accept this.

-Cut Paytons chicken quesidalla into neat triangles for her lunch today, wrap them and put them in her lunch kit with her Tinkerbell ice pack that she made me buy. I was like, seriously? An ice pack for your lunch kit? We never had those in our days. You just kept your lunch stuffed in your locker all day, and if you got salmonella from it, well, that was your problem. Then again, I didn't exactly get chicken quesidalla triangles in my lunch.

Anyways, as you see- the day is shaping up to be very fun.
Geoff and I have some plans later to go out for supper, and I look forward to that.
Not so much for the food aspect, but for the drink aspects.
Have a good day.


Terri said...

Happy Birthday Randine! Oh to be 33 again! Enjoy your day and your water :)

nikki said...

Happy Birthday! I really hope your supper is great...and if you have enough drinks, it will be!

Domestic and Damned said...

Happy Birthday!
Ah to be 33 again... that would be heaven.