Monday, September 13, 2010

State of Shock

I had completely abandoned any and all hope that I had for my manuscript, Having Grace. The querying process was wearing me down.
So I was surprised to open up my inbox this morning and see this:

Dear Randine,

Thank you for your query. I enjoyed reading the pages you sent of HAVING GRACE and would love to read more — would you please send me the full MS as a pdf attachment?

Many thanks, I’ll be back in touch after I’ve had a look.

I read the first sentence, thinking 'here we go again', another rejection: "Thank you for your query, however..."
I about fell off my chair to see the complete and utter lack of that hated word "however."
It's against my better judgement to post anything on here about it.
If the agent reads this (Tricia, her name is. Don't you just love it? I could really see myself bonding with her, calling her "Trish" someday.), it makes me look - or sound- desperate.
I mean, if a guy asked you out on a date, and you said yes but then you read on his website that he nearly fell off his chair when you said yes, you might start wonder about him. Personally- I might run the other way.
But I think it should be OK.
No one from New York is reading this.
So I will spend tonight reading through my manuscript for the billionth time.
I just can't send it out without reading it first, once again.
But no matter how many times I read it, I still laugh out loud, which you wouldn't think I would since I wrote the thing and I know exactly what's coming next.
And then we will wait and see.
This is my third request. I'm expecting another rejection.
Sometimes, honestly, I wonder what I'm more afraid of- being rejected, or not. It sounds stupid. Maybe it is. But sometimes I wonder: can I really bring it?
But, we'll cross that bridge when we get there-- and I'll use 'when' instead of 'if', even though I'm kinda tempted to use 'if.'
And I'm using 'we' instead of "I"-because whatever happens next, you guys will be there to help me through it.


abkeuser said...

But what if she googles to try to find you - agents do that when looking at prospective clients. Oh! and what if she hates being called Trish and resents you for it! Just kidding.

Congrats on the request! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you :) And remember positive attitudes can do wonders.

Joann Mannix said...

Don't listen to my critique partner's teasing. Listen to me. SWEET! AWESOME! YOU. GO. GIRL! The rest of us hopefuls are toasting you tonight. I'll keep everything crossed. And yes, we will be here. No matter what. No matter what.

nikki said...

Oh...I think you can Bring It!!! I think you can bring it, and you've already brought it!! That's what I think!!!
Of course, you will always have me!! You are the only person I can stand on Jay's side of the fam!!
Love you...XOXO

Anonymous said...

" the ONLY person I can stand on Jays side of the fam"!!!!!????

Oh Yah and Randi I know this book will get a deal, one of the better ones i have read! I am not just saying things cause of the mom thing!