Tuesday, April 24, 2007

New plan

So I went to the doc. I took some pride in the fact that I was, literally, the skinniest chic in the room as all of the others were fat pregnant whales. So I was like 'guess none of you will be a size seven any time soon'. Though, in actuality, I'm not exactly a size seven myself, per se, but they don't have to know that. So that felt a bit better. But the thing that is troubling, body wise, is that you would think that after five pregnancies my breasts would have grown a size or two?? Frustrationville.
I had an ultrasound, and it was as I expected, although not entirely so. The embryo is no longer in there at all, which is strange because I haven't bled at all. But the gestational sac is still there. And it has grown. It is now measuring at seven weeks five days. But, obviously, without the baby it doesn't matter what it measures. So then I had to wait an hour to see that doctor for literally thirty nine seconds. She was like 'yeah, so the medication didn't work. Go to City hospital tomorrow at nine fasting and we'll proceed with the D&C'. Good bye. Farewell. So no ketchup burgers for me tomorrow. The only thing that I really don't like about the whole things is the stupid IV. It freaking hurts. And the fact that I can't eat anything, not even a mesely bowl of jello. But, oh well, what can you do when you live in a shoe??
Anyways, I guess I will just be glad to get this over and done with. Have a good night and try not to worry about me, though, in reality, I could die on the table. So sleep tight.


Lorrie said...

Are you kind of relieved that it'll be 'over with' tomorrow? I'm kind of glad for you that you didn't have to go through that again at home.
Don't feel bad about the boobs...I'll buy you some for Christmas.
And yeah...that office SUCKS. Considering the amount of time they actually spend with you I don't see why it's so backed up. UNLESS...could it be that people like Danny or maybe even her in the flesh are taking up all the Dr.s time with questions about why their belly buttons have yet to close? I wonder????
I'll talk to you tonight deary.

vsorowski said...

speechless! See ya tomorrow!Love, ma

n.straker said...

Sorry Randine about the codine thing. Sometimes I am so retarted. Not literally though...I think. I really will be thinking about you tomorrow, and hope things go as smooth as they can.
Love ya, Nikki
Ps- I think that Glamour magazine is having their annual essay contest. I will look through the magazine tonight and let you know. I think you can win $5000, and have your essay published. Last years was about a women who lost her husband in a motorcycle accident. It stuck with me because it makes me think of my amazing MIL. I think your writings are amazing, and you could totally win!(even though I know we all wish you didn't have these horrible experiences to write about).