Monday, April 9, 2007

One down, one to go

Well, here we are, a family of three, having successfully pawned off our oldest child for the entire week. We thought it couldn't be done- as he's the clingiest nine year old ever. But he actually decided to leave his family behind and venture north to Candle Lake with his gram and gramp. I'd like to say that I miss him terribly, but so far its been pretty OK. I took Payton shopping this afternoon to Old Navy. I made lasagne for supper tonight and put mushrooms in it--a big NO-NO when Gage is around because he has this thing that if a mushroom comes in contact with any piece of his food on his plate the entire meal is not edible, so he stubbornly refuses to just 'pick them out', claiming that the entire dish tastes like mushrooms. Because you know how overpowering mushrooms are. Eventually, I stopped cooking with mushrooms altogether just to avoid the fight. So for an entire week we can eat mushrooms to our hearts content. The weird thing is that he actually likes mushrooms when they're raw. But somehow once they're cooked its totally different. I'll never really understand how his logic works. Its like how he refuses to eat tomatoes on his burger but he'll smear the shit out of it with ketchup. Nine year olds. I guess I was one once, but I'm sure I was a lot more mature than that.
So back to work tomorrow after a luxurious four days off. A big shout out to Aunty Gail for the gala Easter festivity she held yesterday. The food was fanfreakingtastic and a good time was had by all!! The kids were entertained by an Easter Egg Hunt, which they really enjoyed. Also, a big shout out to Lorrie and Trent for hosting Terrys impromptu 50th birthday party on Friday. Again, a good time was had by all. Karaoke got going a bit later in the evening and it was quite the show. A lot of talent in our family. I was sorry, though, that I missed out on Jen and Trents Duet "the Purple Onion Song', which, by all acounts, sounds really intriguing. Word on the street is that their songwriting ability rivals their singing.
Other than that, not much is new with me. Some of you already know this, but my dear husband is booked for surgery next month. He will be having his testicles operated on, and I will be sure to post before and after pictures for all to enjoy. I'm not 100% confident that he'll go through with it, or even 55% for that matter, but he says that he's going to. So that will be that. No more kids in the Makepeace clan. But we can always keep getting puppies...
Speaking of which, I took my new puppy for a walk today along with JD (our Szi Tzu, 4) and Payton (our Human, 2). It was quite an interesting walk let me tell you. Two little dogs can actually cause a lot of mayhem, more so than you might imagine. Here I was envisioning this lovely stroll with my two perfect dogs walking along in tandem. People would be stopping to stare. They would call me "the girl with the cute dogs". But instead I think they were calling me "the girl with the retarded dogs." Their leashes kept on getting tangled up. They kept on wrapping themselves around me. JD was running ahead of me, choking on the leash, and Baxter was steadfastly resisting and had to be dragged behind me. And Payton was chugging along, sloshing through all the puddles with her new Pooh Rubber Boots (Wal Mart 9.99). It was OK, though. Hopefully future endeavors will be better as Baxter learns that the leash is your friend, not your enemy.
Anyways, that is all for now. Have a pleasant day.

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Lorrie said...

Haha...and they'll call me, "the girl with the crazy sis-in-law". Actually, one time, I made two lasagnas with 5 cans of mushrooms. It was the best ever. Oh yeah, and I actually wrote the 'purple onion song' and they stole it. Oh yeah, and I also invented leashes to walk dogs with. Have a good week minus the akward pre-teen (speaking of akward...that word itself looks weird...awkward, akward??? Whatever.