Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The ketchup encounter

Well, first off, I'd like to start off by saying that unless you are a big world war two buff, you might want to skip the Good Shepherd, starring one Mr. Matt Damon. I found the plot utterly inscrutable, as it was all about this foreign intelligence crap, and then counter intelligence on top of that. The upside was that it starred Mr. Matt Damon, though I must say he didn't look hot exactly in the movie. He was portrayed as sort of a geeky sort. Though, in reality, he's still doable in my books no matter how bad the hair part of how square the glasses.
My week has been going rather swell. Every morning I drop the kids off at nine, return home, get in my pyjamas again and lay in bed with junk food all around me, and A&E on the telly. My animals lay with me and I feed them the stray chip here and there, which they really appreciate. And it's pretty good. Then at lunch time I usually run out to BK or McDonalds and then return to eat lunch in bed. That's followed by naptime. Busy days. Crazy days. Today I'm going to have to miss naptime to go to the Doctor again. So this should be interesting. Perhaps I can still take naptime if I bring a blankie with me...
Today was also disapointing because I asked for no ketchup on my burger, and then I get home and what do I find? A ketchup burger! So that was garbage, because you know how I feel about ketchup. So I only had fries for lunch. Which wasn't what I wanted in the first place, because I saw a commercial this morning for deep fried french toast stuffed with whipped cream and cherry sauce, served with crispy bacon. But then I phoned my mom and apparently we don't have an IHOP here? So it was BK again. But I guess we have to make compromises. Now I am just gearing up for an another meeting with the doc. I'm curious to see what she'll say. Last night even Goeff was like 'maybe the baby came back to life', because it seems like it's really burrowed in deep there and not easy to shake loose. But I was like, no, I don't think so. But I know what he means. It's hard to accept the finality of it when there's no outward signs of anything happening and I still feel pregnant sometimes- my breast are still tender and I'm still slightly nauseous at times- because my hormones remain high though they are slowly coming down.
Other than that, I'd just like to clarify to a certain someone who works at Superstore, whose initials are N.S, who will remain nameless, in regards to my last post that the codeine pills were not the pills that I had to insert vaginally, though looking back at my last entry I can see how one might get that impression. That's what happens when you write after drinking a bottle of Chraz and a Chocolate Martini. No, it's like this: the codiene I took orally because I had to take these other pills (Cytotec) which were supposed to cause the miscarriage to happen, but they did not work properly anyways, so I guess I really didn't need that codeine, but they teach you in Nursing school to always be prepared. Or maybe that was boy scouts. Whatever. Anyways, I hope that that issue is settled. Have a good day and just be advised if you go to Burger King to really talk slowly and enunciate everything as the people, I fear, are hearing impaired.

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Lorrie said...

Haha! N.S. is a blonde! Actually...I take that back because I thought you swallowed the 'magic pill' and it started working internally. Not sure how seeing as your uterus isn't attached to the stomach. Go figure. Alllll though...when I take a tylenol it makes my head stop hurting and my head isn't attached to my stomach either. Discuss amoung yourselves.
Sorry about the ketchup. I'm glad I'm not a finniky finkster like my SIL because I'm so fat and eat out so much that I'd be complaining about ketchup left, right, and centre.
I'm glad you're taking care of you this week because you so deserve the 'me' time even if it is for a shitty reason.
Love you.