Saturday, April 14, 2007

The waiting game

For the first time in my twenty nine and some years, I am actually wishing the weekend away. I simply cannot wait for Monday to arrive. Usually, when the alarm goes off on Monday morning I curse it, and then press snooze a few times, or vise versa. I'm not too sure of the exact order, I'm usually to groggy to remember. But this Monday I will be so happy to hear that shrill sound. I just want to have this ultrasound and know what is going on in there. About a third of the time I'm optimistic about it, thinking for sure it will be good news. But the rest of the time I'm like "I must be delusional to think there's still a chance- it was pretty cut and dry at the last appointment- no embryo." It's very annoying. But at least I'm not having any bleeding or anything. Every day that goes by without bleeding I breathe a sigh of relief. But not that that necessarily means much. I didn't have any bleeding last time, and the time before that I only started to bleed three weeks after the baby had died. I always think 'I'll feel better once I know", that once I know what I'm dealing with then I'll be able to deal with it. But then when you actually find out, and its bad news, then you just wish you could go back to not knowing, when there was still some hope, however bleak. Anyways, just to let you all know, there's a Burger sale today at C-Tire from 10-2 for Lorries nephews bnowling team. Be sure to go and get your burger before their gone. I'm going to take the whole family out. Well, that's it for now. Peace out.

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Lorrie said...

So leaving a mark on her thoughts, feelings, fears, etc. and gives my nephew's burger sale a plug (which was a bloody rip I'll tell 'ya). P.S. Tricia said thank you VERY much to you guys for stopping by and supporting my nephew's burn to be the best bowler in town.
I'm familiar with this stupid waiting game and must agree that it sucks arse. Good or bad will you phone/email/send a dove messenger (your mom) to tell me how it went otherwise I shall go nutty all day.
Toodles, love you, am crossing even my large intestine.