Saturday, May 26, 2007

Breaking Story

Today was an interesting day for me. I went for my consultation at PicMan. Now I know that many of you (two of you, in reality) suggested that I should go somewhere else, but I decided that I really don't care because the tatoo that I want is fairly simple and easy to draw, and also it doesn't matter to me so much exactly what it looks like but it's more the idea that it represents. So anyways. I was at a conference at the Bes., and I though on my way home, I thought, I should go to PicMan since I'm right down here anyways. So I went. At first I felt a little ill at ease, because the area is a bit scary. The KG is next door and it's in a bad state of disrepair, grafiti all over the walls. And I was like what am I doing? A professional woman- here at some run down place like this. I thought to myself that the average observer must have thought that I was a tax auditor or something as I went into the building, for most of their clientele seemed quite different. Everyone in the waiting room had several tats and body piercings. And they were also dressed quite a bit more casually than I was, having just come from a conference. But right when I went into the building I could see that it looked quite a bit better on the inside than it did on the outside. It was clean and bright and the staff was friendly. At first they didn't totally get my concept of footprints, but then one of the artists (Poky) drew me up a picture. It wasn't exactly what I was thinking because I had wanted three sets of tiny footprints, but they can't really go as small as I wanted, because the colors would all just blur together and it would't really look like anything at all. So they had to make them at least an inch big each, which would look stupid if I had all these footprints up my whole leg. So what we decided was three footprints, instead of three sets. And then they say "when do you want to get this done" and I said 'when's the next appointment?" thinking it would be a matter of weeks or maybe even months. But imagine my surprise when they said 'twenty minutes. I just need to go and have a quick smoke before we get started." I was like "really, that soon? Are you serious?" And they were serious let me tell you. So there I was, suddenly filling out forms and signing waivers. It was crazy.
And then it was time. I was crazy nervous when I sat down. My heart was hammering. But I wanted to get it over and done with right then and there. It was a bit painful at times, but I just focused on the conversation I was having with the artist, who was super nice. And it only took twenty minutes, which was good because I'm not too sure how much more I could have handled. It's a weird feeling. Poky said when he was trying to tell me what to expect that 'its a feeling like you've never felt before' and he was quite right about that. The best I can explain it, it was like when you're playing with your cat and then the cat gets carried away and scratches you a little too hard. But it was a really good feeling going out. All of the staff, who are big burly guys with a bazillion tats, were all high fiving me, saying "Welcome to the club, Randine'. So already the memory of pain is fading and I am remembering it as a fun experience.
I won't post a picture now because it doesn't look that great- there's a bit of bleeding and that. But it should be healed within 4-7 days and then I'll post a picture.
As for my husband, he was quite surprised. I had mentioned to him before that I wanted to get a tatoo, but I don't think that he really realized that I was actually serious. So imagine his surprise when I left this morning to go to a conference on Health Quality Council and came home with a tat. But I think he does like it. I suggested that maybe he should get one, but I don't think he's going to go for it.
Well that is it for now. Have a good weekend. I will post picture of tat later. TTFN.


vsorowski said...

You are a brave soldier!! Ma

Lorrie said...

Well I hope this Poky character washed his hands first. When Poky did mine he said I was the bravest solider he had ever seen. I got a whole 'body suit tat' and it was awesome. Then I got it removed because I wanted to be a swimsuit model. Now that I'm not anymore I'll get Poky to do another one because he does mine for free and everyone in the store high 5s me...not just the staff sooooo yeah. Congrats on your...ugh...tat.