Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Defending Frizza

I am writing this as a rebuttal to one miss Jody C, who has made some rather inappropriate comments regarding my choice in serving frozen pizza (which shall be hereby abbreviated to 'frizza' for the purposes of efficiency) to my fellow co workers (if you don't know what I'm referring to- check out the post 'Misadventures in Cooking' and subsequent comments). First of all, I would like to begin by saying that the idea of the lunch on Wed. is to be an informal gathering over a simple meal. Nobody goes to any great lengths, and generally the meals are very basic. People throw together any items that they have on hand, and as such, we have had some rather strange things. I have been introduced to moose stew on one occasion. My one coworker once made ham stew, which was a bit different, but edible nonetheless. The low point was 'fruit soup' which was, sadly, as it sounds... fruit salad heated up and served with some wierd spices. So frizza is acceptable in light of this tradition of preparing easy and economical meals. And secondly, I would like to say that if your only purpose in reading this blog is to be critical of my actions, then I would kindly ask you to find yourself another blog to read, or better yet, write your own freaking blog and I'll just go on there and heckle you. Here is a link to another blog that you may try, though you will have to ask the author for permission to go on it. But bear in mind that the content borders on soft porn. Sheesh. I haven't seen nipples like that since 'The 69th Sense' (which by the way, is NOT a very good show and is NOT the sequel to 'The 6th Sense'- no matter what your husband may try to tell you.) Kidding Lo. Take a pill. I love your belly cast- it is truly a wonderful keepsake.
So that is that. The other thing which I'm wanting to blogcast is that I'm 'sleeping single in a double bed' (To quote one Mr. Jamie Kennedy- a pure comic genius). My husband is out of town so I'm all alone. I'm thinking about starting an affair, but time is running short. He will be home early tomorrow, so I guess I'd better get going. I'm just not that sure about how to embark on an affair. I will say that my husband definately deserves any affair that I may or may not have within the next ten hours. Why does he deserve it?? Because let's recount mothers day. Oh, wait, Mothers Day?? Back up the bus here. Has that come and gone already?? Hmmm. Didn't know that because he didn't get me anything. Which is whatever, fine, I guess. But the thing is, is that even if you didn't have time to get a gift or whatever, then the least you could do would be to try to do something nice for me- even a little thing like give me a massage or make me an omelette for brunch, or even simply state the fact that you appreciate me. But apparently this did not cross his stupid mind, either. Anyhoo. we ended up getting into a big row on Sunday night. And I thought I would punish him by sleeping on the couch. But here's a newsflash for you: sleeping on the couch is no punishment to anyone but your OWN SORRY SELF. God. I had dogs jumping all over me. Stupid leather couch so I was stuck to it. And all the while- he's snoring his freaking head off and sprawled out in the bed. But he ended up buying me flowers on Monday, which was OK I guess but I don't see why I have to throw a CF (Caniption Fit for those not in the know) in order to get a freaking rose. Is it really too much to ask??? Don't get me started...
Anyways, that last line was from SNL on Sat. which Molly Shannon hosted which was hilarious. So... I've got to go now...I have thirteen baby kittens.... and I'm going to France next month for three weeks... so that's probably a lot longer than you'll ever be I'm probably a lot wealthier than you and have way more kittens, I guess that's all for now. (Just picture me twirling my hair),
And just in case you didn't know that last bit was also from SNL.
Anyways, that's all for tonight. Peace out.


Nadine said...

Men...did you think that by ignoring the fact that it was Mother's Day that you wouldn't have to buy your wife anything....REALLY?! Did you think that if you didn't bring it up perhaps she would forget about it...REALLY?!(From SNL's Amy Pohler and Seth Meyers.)
Love ya,

randine said...

I appreciate the SNL reference!! Glad to know someone else is watching. Also glad to know that you are reading my blog. My readership is up!! 5 people!! An all time high. You will get an honourable mention on my next post. TTFN.

randine said...

Too bad you missed out on the fridge magnet promotion. Perhaps there will be another promotion coming up soon.

Lorrie said...

Yeah well...I have three nipples and they're all better than yours and they even have super powers...I can see through people and I SEE THROUGH YOU like a wet sheet lady. Hahahah, I don't care...YOUR BROTHER, your little baby boy brother, the apple of your eye thinks my boobs are fanfreakingtastic. He said so. Oh wait...your ma reads this doesn't she? Shiat.

vsorowski said...

YES---YOMaMa does read this, My goodness, I am in mild shock, I cant beleive My Son, My Baby!, would ever Notice Breasts, Never mind comment on Such Things! This is Truly disturbing LORRIE EDEN!
Randi is THIS Woman going to be invited to continue making such SICK entries, and Puhleeze if so MRS LORRIE Do not slander my son and tell such blatant falsehoods as everyone who knows MY Children know darn well, they are of much more PURE minds, then what is evident in the previous entry!!
I must go have a lay down and recover!!! MOTHER SOROWSKI

jayceelee said...

I truly regret dissing your frozen pizza day. After you quoted what other people have contributed, I would have appreciated the frozen pizza. I know when its a day that you order in lunch and its something you don't really care for it can be discouraging. Sometimes lunch can make or break your whole day!! Anyway to make peace, when its your day for lunch again, please let me know because Medigas would like to cater your office lunch. A nice pita platter or pizza or subs or whatever your little heart desires. I'll call you soon and we will set it up!! As for mothers day, that sucks!! I got to watch nascar and hang with my parents. I did get a gift though, exercise accessories? Don't know if that is appropriate?
Love Ya