Friday, May 4, 2007

News & Reviews

Review first, news later. I don't care what the title says, we do things MY way. The review is of the Rosthern High production of The Jungle Book, which took place last night in the Rosthern High gymnasium and was extremely well attended. Among the attendees: myself, my mother, my dear sister in law and loving aunt. The anticipation was high as we waited for the show to begin. Before the show we were treated to a five star meal at the Rosthern Esso. It was absolutely divine, but one must be relatively comfortable with the idea of eating in the middle of a gas station. It seemes as though things couldn't get any better, but alas they did. The show was really something and it left us all humming the tune "I want to walk like you- ou- ou" long into the evening. It was obvious that the play was the result of countless hours of work and rehearsal. Everything gleamed, from the hardwood floors that were polished to a high sheen to the spot on performances. We were left wanting more, more, MORE and are now crossing off the days on our calendars until next years play.

And now for the news. It has been a while since I've posted anything, so naturally there is quite a bit to report. First of all, I have been successfully reintegrated back into the work force as of Monday. It was a bit difficult to go back, and I still sometimes have terrible pangs of... something... when I do certain things, such as do prenatal check ups or weigh new baby's, etc. I guess its sadness or something like it. But then I just try to remind myself of the simple fact that I think I have this overly glorified fantasy of pregnancy. I forget about the vomiting, the profound fatigue, the hours of labor, the late nights, the lack of sleep, the sore nipples, the screaming fits, the bazillion diapers every day (but it's GOOD, Lorrie, SO GOOD). Not to mention the fact that any future pregnancies of mine would be riddled with anxiety and fear. So then I think 'so long, SUCKER' and go about my day. And perhaps jab the next person a little extra hard for their Depo shot, just because.

And the other news is that everything is OK "down there" once again and I am now officially 'back in business' as of Wednesday night, if you can catch my drift. Now, I don't know if it's true what they say- that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but what I can tell you is that it does make the sex hotter. Anyways, I will not continue in that vein (or is it vain??) but suffice it to say (a word of warning to my mom and aunty Gail- you may want to skip forward to the next paragraph at this point) that there was nothing "G" rated about it, though it was "G" something (wink wink, nudge, nudge). And I will leave you to reflect on that. And if you're still reading mom or Gail, don't say I didn't warn you and hopefully you will be able to burn that info from your mind sooner or later. I would recommend scotch on the rocks. It works in the movies.

Lastly, I guess I will mention that today is my "undue" date, as I call it. Work was a bit rocky at times, but now the day is done and is time for a little pampering, and when I say pampering what I mean is drinking. But I've got to give props to my fantastic SIL Flo and bro Trent and my 'rents for thier thoughtfulness in giving me a very indulgent gift of Papaya bubble bath, Tsatsuma body butter and Strawberry lip gloss. I'm going to smell great (Finally)!! And, I'd like to let ya'll know that I've seen the price tags at Body Shop and let me tell you, that stuff is worth more than a few dollars. Way more. So anyways, back to the 'undue' date. I was going to mark the date by going to Woodlawn (as Reid is there in some kind of a mass grave or something) or by going to the river or something with the kids to release balloons into the air, but my sheer laziness has gotten the better of me (and besides- I always find the graveyard such a buzzkill. Do they have to make them so damn gloomy?? I mean what is with all the headstone and epitath stuff?? It's downright freaking morbid. Would there be something wrong with clowns and circus animals??) So now I have a new plan, which I believe to be totally brilliant. I'm going to get a tatoo on my left ankle (because the heart is on the left, though it isn't in the ankle, precisely) of three little, tiny, baby footprints. Two blue and one pink- obviously it is a total guess as to their genders but I can do whatever I want, right? And that way, I'll have a memorial to my babies with me all the time and I won't have to bother with the depressing graveyard or blowing up balloons (my fingers always turn purple when I try to tie them, which is a bit of a buzzkill as well). So that will be good. And later on down the line I plan on getting two butterflies on my lower back for Gage and Payton- because they represent 'wings' or the fact that my babies are growing up and learning to fly. Sort of. Anyways, I already phoned PicMan, and I have to say that I felt totally uncool as I did so. I was all like "I'm wanting to inquire about the process of getting a tatoo" and the guy was just like 'yeah, come on in, we'll totally hook you up"- just real laid back like that. So I have to go first for a consultation because he doesn't totally grasp my concept of footprints. But whatever. It will turn out nice.
So that is that in Randinoland. This weekend is the annual Montgomery garage sales, which I plan on attending. Those people at the school better fire up the grill because look out, I'm hungry and I just got paid. Two thou in the bank can buy a LOT of burgers, baby. Also, I hope to go by PicMan at some point. So I shall let you know how that goes. Thanks for reading. Peace out.


vsorowski said...

I concur! Your review of "THE JUNGLE BOOK" Is bang On!! I have NEVER in My life, seen or heard a tree being played or singing so well as your kid sis!!! Bravo!! As well as the "Fine Dining" review!
You have such a way with words! sounds like your life is as action packed as mine---Wish you could have attended the Bishop Roborecki Fun Nite this evening, What a gas!!
I think your tatoo "In Memory" is a lovely idea!!
I shall close by saying, "I want to be like You-ou-ou, I want to talk like you, I want to Write like you!! Love momma

n.straker said...

I absofreakinlutly love your idea with the tattoos. How did the consultation go?

Lorrie said...

Hey you. When you mentioned the tattoo you didn't mention PicMan...DON'T DO IT LADY. I got mine there and they suck. Gage could have stayed in the lines better than that dude. Go to the place where Jason went as his is awesome.
I love the idea though. If you want to wait 'till July I'll go with you but if you want to do it now that's okay too. I'll still go for support if you want.
I'm so glad you liked our 'pick me up' but I know it can't begin to take away the pain, hurt, anger, etc. I'm all of those things for you and will continue to be so until I turn into the old, grouchy lady you guys think I will be, haha!!
Good entry lady and PICMAN!!!!!!!

Nadine said...

I think getting a tatoo is a fantastic idea, I love it!!!! I hope you are doing well. I wish I could be in S'toon right now with you! I miss you and am thinking of you.
Love you lots,

jayceelee said...

You must post pics of the tatoo when its done. I agree with Lori on the Picman idea. I can't remember where my sister goes, but hers are fantastic. If you haven't seen her lately, she's covered in them. I am going to get one to, some kind of a flower with 4 petals, the petals being the birthstones of Paul, Brody, Reis and myself. Don't know where on my body or what type of flower. I think its cool.
Love Jody