Saturday, May 12, 2007

Misadventures in cooking

Many of you (translation: two of you) have been complaining about my lack of entry for the week. So I hope you have your reading goggles on because you are in for not a double, but a triple, feature. I shall first post some highlights of my week, and then post my final markup of the article I'm going to submit to Glamour, and THEN post a new entry from my book.
So the week was interesting. Acually, it wasn't interesting. It was just a typical week, really. Work, kids, etc. The only highlight was actually a low light, as it was a rather humiliating experience for me, but we're all friends here so what the heck. We take turns at work making lunch for each other on Wednesdays. So Wednesday was my turn to make lunch for my fellow coworkers. I was lazy so I just picked up some frozen pizzas, thinking this would be a simple solution. But things went awry. It ended up being a three ring circus which culminated in the arrival of the fire department. I put the pizzas in the oven, following the directions on the box, and then went back to work. When I returned to the kitchen about fifteen minutes later (per instructions) the room was full of smoke. I didn't know what to do. I went and grabbed one of my coworkers and she came to help me, but only too late. The smoke alarms started going off. So we got the situation under control by turning off the oven and fanning the place. I felt terrible, but my coworkers reassured me that it wasn't my fault- that the stove was dirty and that was what caused all the smoke. I was starting to feel a little better, but then all of a sudden firefighters swarm the place. The doctor laughed when he emerged from his office. He was like "Randines on lunch and the fire department was dispatched??" It was terrible. So I vowed that next time it was sandwiches for everyone. Never again will I cook in my place of employment.
Other than the arson attempt, the week was pretty swell. Geoff is working quite hard right now, so I have more or less been immersed into single parenthood, which is no picnic.
I have finished working on my article, and plan on submitting it this week. I'm excited, but the winner doesn't get picked until December. So that is all. Have a nice weekend and happy mothers day!!


Lorrie said...

You didn't tell me this?!! That's hilarious. So what did you guys end up eating?

jayceelee said...

Ok, that's what you get when it is your turn to serve lunch and you get frozen pizza!!! I'd be disapointed if I was your co-worker. To funny, I bet you'll never live that one down at the office. Only Randine, that's why everyone loves you so much.

Take care
365 degrees, burnin down the medi-clinic!!