Monday, May 28, 2007

My pet peeve

Today I was totally annoyed. It was only 8:44 am, and yet... my day was already ruined. I will thank C95 for that. Or should I call it C90-crap. I drove Payton to daycare, Gage to school and was nearly at work when I was yet to hear a song. It's not that I don't enjoy Rambling Dave's enlightening banter on bacon. Or not that I don't enjoy Lisa Rendall talk about LA Weight Loss (she's lost 23 pounds, you know. Hooray for you, but guess what?? Newsflash. Not too hard to drop a few pounds when you have CANCER!!!). But I mean, come on. Please. I just want to hear some freaking music on my way to work. And to make matters worse, as soon as I pull up to work they say "Up next- Paralyzer by Finger 11'-- which only happens to be my fave song. I was like 'thanks for playing it now, assholes'. It would have been better five minutes ago when I was actually in my vehicle. I am getting fed up with that radio station. And the truly terrible thing is that there seems to be no alternative. I swear to you that EVERY time I switch it to Rock 102 it's Trooper "Boy's in the big white sports car". And every time I tune in to "MAGIC" (Magic??) 93 it's Hewey Lewis and the News. I mean, can we not have some selection here??? Why must it all be crap????
Other than that not much news with me. Let me see. Yesterday I went to Wal Mart. Here is a list of items that I purchased:
-Panties for Payton (Winnie the Pooh)
-Vitamin E cream (I will thank my dog for eating all the stuff that I got at PicMan.)
-A neck massage thing
-Dora chapstick for Payton
-Hair dye for me
-A mermaid ball (also for Payton)
And I think that's about it. If I remember something else I will add it later. The mermaid ball is working out nice. Payton is enjoying it. So, I guess that's about it for me. Have a nice evening.


jayceelee said...

I hear your pain with the radio station selection in Saskatoon. We invested in a satelite radio and it is very good. You can listen to the howard stern radio shows 24 hours a day and there is a station for every music genre, which makes a big difference. And its cheap!! Makes you feel like your not in Saskatoon (yahoo) when your driving around. I can't handle the stupid 80's glass tiger, or Ah-ha or that stupid "dirty laundry" song they play. How can they think anyone actually listens to that crap. That radio station makes us look like out of touch hillbillys. Like I can't believe they won't play "let me ride the donkey" when you request it. I would go on a big boycott with you. I have to listen to it all day long at work. Painful!!!

vsorowski said...

MAY I suggest News Talk Radio -650 on your AM Dial!? super-D-Duper Informative!!! No Music whatsoever!!!Can get your blood boiling! It is "The Heartbeat Of Saskatchewan", Don't ya know?
Tune in, Love Ma

randine said...

I'll save news talk radio until retirement thank you very much.

Lorrie said...

Here they come....the boys in the bright white sports car. Waving at all the girls...who do they think they are? Driving that ugly ass white car? Nananana - nananananaaaaaaaaa.
How could you not love it???????
Maybe you should take some lessons on good music starting with the soundtrack from Footloose and following up with Elvis' '68 Comeback Special.

Nadine said...

Randi, may I make a suggestion?....Why don't you fix the solution and move to oh I don't know.... hey how about Calgary??? It would be so much fun, just think about it at least!!!
P.S Soryy Ma I know you are probably cursing me for suggesting this to your beloved daughter, but she could always come back home with me to visit!
I know I know, it will never happen, but a girl can dream right!
Love you Randi,