Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I'm not instutionalized... yet.

Back from the doc, released into the community despite my mental health issues. Anways, according to her, it is basically normal to not get your period following a miscarriage- though this has never been my experience. Both of the other times I got it literally a month later to the day, which was something of a frustration to me because it was like "sheesh, don't you take a break?" (that was the voice of my internal voice to my uterus, with whom I frequently engage in long and engaging discourse). Anyways, she gave me this medication that I'm supposed to take until I start bleeding. So that should be fun. Exciting weekend ahead.

So that is that. Now let me see. Nothing else really new. Tomorrow is the last day of school for my little man, Gage. I think that he is excited by this prospect. Next year will be grade four, which is hard to believe because it seems like just yesterday we were welcoming our little chap to the world. Now here is is- reciting to me a list of words that contain the word "but" and laughing hysterically after each one. Charming. Another ten years and perhaps he will be normal. But I almost prefer the 'but' talk to the wrestling stuff. There is a picture of the little bugger in the top left for your enjoyment. Also in the picture: Payton- who so far seems to be the cuter of the two.
Thanks for your readership. Have a nice evening.


Lorrie said...

I meant to ask you about the Dr. app. I knew they'd feed you some speel about, "wait and see" "it takes time" etc. Idiots.
Are you going to the lake this weekend? If not come to my Canada Day BBQ on Sunday. If Jay and Nikki can make it they're bringing ice, Jackie and Eric deviled eggs, Trent and me Beans and Jenn and Glen are bringing Crab and Lobster!!!!!!!!!

randine said...

Sounds like a fiesta! I think I am heading North to Candle, though, but thanks for the inviteroo.

n.straker said...

I hope that I can use this platform to see if you girls will be in town on sat. july 7th. we are thinking of having a lunch bbq for Liams bday. We will probably rent a jumpy thing. Let me know.
Im glad you are not crazy because Im not good at baking knives into cakes. I tried for Britt, but it didn't turn out... I kid, I kid!
Love ya

randine said...

You are freaking hilarious!! Seriously, you should start your own blog. It would "take the cake" (get it- following your reference to baking knives into cakes. Oh forget it. I think I must be overtired.)