Saturday, June 2, 2007

Stick a fork in me...

Well summer is in full swing. Stick a fork in me, I'm done. (That's a reference to the 90's hit sitcom "Seifeld"). Each year starts out much the same way for me. I get so excited to see the sun that I sit out in it all day long, forgetting that I am a red headed white chic and am doomed to a screaming, bleeding burn if I don't lather myself liberally with SPF 45 at every oppurtunity. But that's OK. I guess that's why they created Aloe Vera. Actually, I don't think aloe vera was created. I think it exists in nature. In fact, I know it does because my son bought me an aloe plant last year for mothers day, which met the same untimely fate that my marigolds did this year. Death by forgetting to water it. Anyways, I'm slightly sidetracked here. Someone was clever enough to make the aloe into a soothing gel (wonder how they did that?) and bottle it with an easy to use spout, so that's as good as creating it, perhaps even better in some ways. And the mosquitos are some terrible this time of year. Mosquito bites and sunburn... not a good combination. You scratch the bite and it feels good for about a second and then you remember only too late that you have a burn underneath it. Oh, I suppose I shall limp along though, much as I always have.
Other than that, not much new with me. My pregnancy test addiction has forced its way back into my life. I had my surgery on April 25th and here it is June already and still no sign of my 'friend'. I'm sure it is just slightly out of whack after everything that's happened. But every day that I don't get my period I can't help but think 'what if..' Anyways, I'm sure that I'm not, as my husband and I have a sure fire way to avoid pregnancy. The method is called 'my husbands insane work schedule' which actually does a pretty good job of keeping us apart. The back up plan is something which I won't get into too much, except to say that it is, by necessity, a messy affair, though not always terribly accurate or effective. This is, indeed, the same method that landed me pregnant at 19. Anyways, I guess only time will tell. Like I say, I don't really think that I am. I feel premenstrual- bloated and crampy, etc. I'm sure that I am only being paranoid, but perhaps I will do a blood test on Monday to settle the matter.
And speaking of family matters, it is with some regret that I must report that my parents have headed north to thier cottage in Candle Lake to retire. But, I like to say "don't say good bye, say good riddance". You know how parents can be. They're a real buzzkill sometimes. Always checking up on you, searching your room for narcotics, reading your emails, loitering outside your house to see what time you come and go, switching your 2% milk for non fat. Oh, I know they only worry, and now I can see why. The first weekend their gone and I end up laid up with a sunburn/heatstroke. If only they were here, they could be looking after me. Spooning me sweet tea with honey and applying mustard poultices to my burning flesh.
Anyhoo, I suppose that is all for now. Have a good weekend. Enjoy the nice weather- and don't forget the sunscreen!!


Lorrie said...

You darn horny bastards. Can't even wait for the anesthesia to wear off before you're doing it like rabid rabbits.
Keep me updated...about the 'possibility' not the burn thank you.

Nadine said...

After all of these years of getting a sun burn you still haven't learned! Like I can talk not only about getting sun burns, but well many things in life! Please, also keep me updated about the 'possibility'!
love you