Sunday, June 3, 2007


My condition seems to be stabilizing, though it was a long and difficult night. The fever seems to have broken, and I believe the mustard poulitices are working well, though I am forced to sleep wrapped in Saraan wrap to deter the dogs from chewing me, and the house smells like mustard something fierce. But the important thing is- I think I am going to pull through this. I'm really weak from the dehydration, am trying to drink more fluids but it's even hard to sit up. My dogs have been my ever watchful campanions, and I know that I will not slip off into a coma (or worse) with them beside me, as they will bay and whine until they bring me around.
I am going to post a link to the public health website on sun exposure. Forewarned is forearmed, and hopefully people will be able to learn from my example. If I can save even one person from this terrible fate I will at least know that I have not suffered in vain.
After reading this article, I realized that I did everything wrong. I can I can only blame myself for this calamity.


Lorrie said...

If anyone besides me and Dini are reading please note...I saw her yesterday and the burn is a mild pink tone and only on her chest because she's a floozy and was wearing a string bikini...I was there, I know. Don't believe a word this she-devil says! Love you Flo!!!!!

randine said...

I told you... the mustard poultices are working well. It has improved a lot and like I said in the first sentence 'my condition is stabilizing', so please don't try to make me out to be a liar.

n.straker said...

I saw her too Laurie, and I think you are crazy because she looked like near death to me. There was blistering, pussing and oozing!!! It was all I could do to look at her! Just kidding!