Monday, June 18, 2007

My lucky day (Rated G)

I had a lucky day today. I went to Superstore after work and you will not believe what happened. I went to get a cart and guess what?? There was already a loonie in it! I was a little nervous that someone else was going to start chasing me through the parking lot "That's my cart!" "That's my loonie". So I scanned all around me first, and then took the cart off, wondering how it came to be that someone forgot thier loonie in there. But then I realized- it was probably me the last time I was there! I can be pretty dense sometimes. And then, to top it off, I was short a few bags when bagging my groceries, and then Nikki showed up. She's high up in the Superstore chain, doesn't work the registers just walks around with a clipboard looking like she means business. Suddenly I had extra bags materializing left right and center- FREE of charge. It pays to have connections. Those bags are like three cents each and I got about four for free. So when I do the math, I saved about $1.12 today. And that's without factoring in the interest that will acrue on that money over the years. How lucky is that!!
Other than that, not much new with me. Just want to say that the contest is off to a good start. There is now a bowl beside my computer which currently holds three names- two of which are Niks. Lorrie- three of your comments have been stricken due to lack of content. Actually, two of them have been stricken for lack of content and one of them for content not to my own liking. As administator of this blog I reserve the right to remove, edit change and strike comments at my will.
So that is all for now. Hope you have a good night. TTFN. Keep in mind that there is only twelve more days to get your comments in.


Lorrie said...

Totally unfair. You did not disclose this on your original post and therefore I demand my full entries be counted. I DEMAND it I say or I shall boycott this contest and everyone hereafter. Commence wisely my friend, tread lightly, and all that other menacing jazz.

jayceelee said...
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jayceelee said...

Did you catch all the 50% off sales when you were at superstore? I picked up some cute things for the kids.
I'm surprized some Indian didn't jump you for that free cart. They always ask me if they can take my cart back when I shop there. I'm scared of that parking lot, so I don't really go there anymore.

n.straker said...

Randine, I am so pleased that I could assist you with your groceries. Its not something that I'll throw at anyone, just a special few. Next time you see me cashing, come on through. Scan a few, skip a few. Unless you piss me off. Then I squish bread and chips and double scan! Oh ya, no one mess with me!!!!!

n.straker said...

ps I asked a lady a work, who was bragging about wazing her arms, if she was waxed "down there"?, and her answer was YES! she said if the skin is pulled taut it isn't so bad. I think she said she goes to a salon called "definitly you", and while she was there for her arms the phone kept ringing with people asking if the do brazilian waxes.

Lorrie said...

Nikki...FYI, you won't get two comment entries into the contest with those last two. Even if it WAS an afterthought I already tried it. Too bad for you (and me).

randine said...

Actually, FYI... you will get 2 entries into the contest. Lorries were stricken for lack of content, not double entries. Double entries- even triple entries are OK and in fact even welcome so long as they have some subtance to them and are not just one word. Hopefully that clarifies things for y'all.

n.straker said...