Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Trouble in paradise

Let me pose a question to you: Is it fair to leave a dog in a kennel all day and all night?? I should think that the answer to the question is a fairly obvious NO. And yet, here I am, arguing with my husband about an issue that should go without saying. He wants to lock my dog, my baby, Baxter Brown, in a kennel all day and all night- only letting him out for bathroom breaks, just because of a few bathroom mishaps, which, in all fairness, could happen to any of us. I refuse to do it. I love that little dog and I won't do it to him. I told Geoff that the dog and I are a package deal so if he doesn't want the dog, then he doesn't want me.
I may well be out of a home. Anyone have a spare room big enough for me, two dogs, two kids and a cat??
Onto other matters. Life is resuming quite nicely after my little interlude in Regina. I am enjoying being back at home in the hood. I have had my windows smashed twice already so that is pretty much how I know I am really home. God love those crazy kids these days.
Speaking of crazy kids: I still haven't had my period. I'm getting a little crazy myself. I am sure that I'm not pregnant, but yet... what the hell?? It's been seven weeks and still nothing. I don't know. I did a preg. test today but it was negative, but then again my urine was dilute like tap water and I don't completely trust the result. Anyways, I just wish my period would come and I could stop worrying. Not that I'm really worried. If I'm pregnant then thats OK. I mean, babies are pretty cute. You should my nephew Greyson. He's totally awesomely cute. He has the best hair and the most perfectest round face.
Now I know what you're thinking. 'Perfectest' isn't a word. I know that but I like to make up new words sometimes just for kicks. I fear that my brain my be heading south like my breasts. Actually, forget that. We all know I have no breasts. But thats OK. I'm good enough, smart enought and dog gone it, people like me (Stuart Smalley, 1994).
Well, have a nice evening and please comment on the kennel issue.

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jackie_care said...

Hey Randine, I totally agree with you about the dog thing, I mean maybe during the day if noone's home if it's for a couple hours max, but other than that why even have the freaking dog?? Maybe you should lock Geoff in a kennel for a whole day and night and see how he likes it!!! (i'm just kidding) That is all I have for now.