Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Possibility Downgraded

Well the possibility that I could be pregnant has been downgraded to impossible. I still have not recieved any news from down yonder, but my blood test came back El Negatorio (that is precisely the medical term for it.) So I guess my body is just out of whach and that is OK. But I realized something this morning when I saw those results in my mailbox. Instead of feeling a spark of releif, it was a twinge of regret that came over me when I looked at the report. I guess, deep down inside I had been hoping for a different result. So I have booked an appointment with my doc on the 26th to see if:
A) She would advise me to keep trying or not in light of all these things that have happened
B) If there is something that I can give my husband to make him want to have another baby, some kind of a hypnotic agent that I can give to him while he sleeps.

In her wisdom, I expect that she will say:
A) That only I can reach a decision of that nature,
B) The only thing she can recommend is open communication
To which I will say: open communication?? I think hynotic agents will be much easier.
Because my husband is quite determined that he doesn't want to have another baby, which I can see where he's coming from. I mean I could always force him into it "My way or the highway" buddy, but I'd rather that it doesn't come to that. We are married, and it is supposed to be a partnership of mutual love and respect.
In theory.
Well, I guess that is all for now. I will let you know how things progress this week on the husband front. I shall keep trying to slowly work at him until he finally relents and lets me have my way- just like he did when we got Baxter. At first he was adamant that he didn't want another dog. And now guess who sleeps at the foot of our bed?? Our new puppy.

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Lorrie said...

Hey Dini! After the ordeal of Greyson coming (which I've almost forgotten) and the aftermath good and bad...bad my butt...good HIM it's made me realize that kids is where it's at. You already knew that and have shared it with me via Pay and Gage...if you want another then as Fleetwood Mac says, "go your own way"...meaning if Geoff is not on board I hear that guy that gave Melissa Ethridge sperm is available...Stills, Nash or Young - take your pick.