Thursday, July 22, 2010

Out of the Office

Today we are leaving for Candle Lake for a few days, so expect spotty posts. And when I say spotty I mean non existent.
"What can I help you with?" my husband asked me this morning.
So many things. And yet.
I have quite a few things to do when I get home today- pack the kids, clean the house, and pick up some supplies at Superstore.
"You want me to pack the kids?"
I hem and haw.
"Er. Well... I don't know."
It's not that I don't trust him to pack the kids.
Okay. I don't trust him to pack the kids.
I can imagine what I'll unpack when I get to the lake: a change of clothes, a few diapers and a pack of salami.
"Do you want me to run to Superstore?"
"Er. Well... I don't know."
I can picture what he'll buy at Superstore. Packs of Salami. Maybe a few steaks and a pound of bacon.

This is what happens. I have this kind of personality where on the one hand I want him to help, but on the other hand when he does help I kind of resent it because I think that I have to handle everything, but then when he lets me handle everything I kind of resent that, too.
Analyze that.

Incidentally, he asked me the other day what I write about on my blog. Why this suddenly occured to him after three years of blogging, I don't know.
"Oh, you know. It's just one of those "slice of life" things."
This seemed to placate him.
Anyways. Have a good weekend.


Terri said...

Have a great weekend :) We sort of tagteam pack at our house, I will never pack for him though...I once forgot his underwear.

nikki said...

Hey! I did not know you were going to the lake! Are you trying to avoid me? Well too bad because I read your post and I am coming to visit!!! Get ready to have the best visit of your life!!!! Just kidding. It will just be me getting drunk, puking and napping by 2pm!!! See you Saturday!