Thursday, July 8, 2010

Right/Left Confused.

They asked for water today! (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, read my last post- and if you don't want to read the whole thing, just skip to the last paragraph.) A victory! I took them to the park and they played outside until they were really thirsty. When they came home, they asked for water! And they drank it without throwing it at my head even one time (which by the way, they have terrible aim, so it never actually hit my head)! So that was a good day.

I wasn't supposed to be at the park at all. I was supposed to be getting new tires on my van. That's what I was supposed to do on my holidays. Not relax on the beach. Not go to the spa. Not get a manicure. Get new tires. Don't get me wrong, I want the tires, I need the tires--the way things are going right now I'm virtually driving on the ground. I just didn't exactly want to spend the day at Can Am Rubber. But still, this morning found me asking Geoff how to get to the tire store.
"Just take Circle, turn on Faithful."
I won't bother to say which one is me, which one is Geoff. I think you'll figure it out soon enough.
"Right or left?"
"You can only turn left. So left."
"Is that left from the passenger seat, or left from the driver seat?"
"It's left either way."
Now he's getting annoyed.
For no reason.
I just want to know where the fuck I'm going.
"And when you say left- am I facing frontwards or backwards?"
"I really don't see why you would be driving backwards."
"I probably won't, but I want to clarify anyways. You just never know."
"If you're facing backwards, then it would be right, although I really don't see..."
"Is that my right or your right? Because you know how there's that thing that if you're facing someone your right is actually their left and their left is actually your right."
He just looks at me, contemplating something.
But honestly. The whole right/left thing still confuses me.
The only thing I remember from nursing school is "Tri to be right" because the tricuspid valve is on the right chamber of the heart. But how that's going to help me get to the tire store, I don't know.
Geoff sighs. He sighs a lot. Sometimes it seems like he finds me exasperating to live with.
I don't get it.
Finally, he says "You know what. I should probably just take your van in myself."
BOOYA. I win! Again.
Except, kind of I lose, cuz he's at the tire store drinking coffee and reading Golf Digest while they change the tires and I'm at the park with the kids, trying to dehydrate them into drinking water, during which time I picked up an extra kid, had a diaper emergency, had to go home and back carrying Alex, who for some reason is refusing to walk (maybe it's the dehydration, or more probably, the very heavily soiled diaper he's sporting), while pushing a bike, which he refused to abandon or ride.
But still. I got the tires, and the kids drank the water. So win win.
Good night.

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