Tuesday, August 14, 2007

6 Weeks

6 Weeks 1 Day. Doing well. Got my results this morning, still a little low at 4,000- an increase of only 500 over 3 days, which may sound OK but considering the fact that it should have gone up by double (3500), it's not too great. But I'm not bleeding or spotting, no cramps or anything like that. So I take that as a fairly good sign. I talked to my doc this morning and she said we'll test the HCG again tomorrow and if it's still not doubling like it's supposed to she'll phone and try to beg for an ultrasound this week- as they're supposedly "booked solid" until August 28th- a fact which I can scarcely believe because an ultrasound only takes five minutes. You must be able to squeeze someone in. So I'll do the bloodwork tomorrow, no results until Thursday so that's another two days of waiting and wondering, poking at my breasts from time to time to see if they still hurt. But I truly appreciate my doctor. I phoned her office this morning and they said it was her day off. So I said 'can I leave her a message to call me tomorrow?". But then, not five minutes later and she was phoning me, probably from home on her day off. I don't see how that woman has a moment of spare time for herself. Anyways, the whole thing is a stressful situation for me but hopefully soon I will get some good news- either a good HCG or a good ultrasound. Keep your fingers crossed.


Lorrie said...

Yello...your one faithful reader here...SIL. Can't go into too much detail 'cause my MIL..you're MA will be on here shortly after me.
Can you say DULLSVILLE U.S.A.???? Kidding, not the same without you dear plus this dial-up is worse than your Grandma teaching us to knit.
Anywhoo, I feel the same as you on all three fronts. Can't stand the waiting, hate series books (expect for Shopaholic), and work fridges don't meant 'community' fridges no exceptions.
That is all for now...thinking of you 'till Thursday and beyond.

jackie_care said...
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