Monday, August 13, 2007

Maybe Baby

It can't happen again.
That's what I keep thinking, what I keep telling myself. Hopefully it won't, but right now it seems possible. We're monitoring my HCG levels, and normally they would double every 48 hours. My first blood test was on Wednesday. At that time, the level was at 2700, a little on the low side for 5 weeks (the norm would be 3500-100,000) but a single number in isolation doesn't really mean much. On Friday the level had risen, but far from doubled- it was 3500. So right now we don't really know much more than what I did at the start of this. It could go either way. Hopefully the numbers will pick up. But the other possibility remains- they might peter out. I tell myself that as long as they keep going up- even if it's not doubling exactly- that's OK. It's not over until they start going down. I did another test today, but won't know the result until tomorrow. It's hard all this waiting. I just wish the numbers would do what they're supposed to do or do nothing at all. The uncertainty seems worse. So another night of tossing and turning. If I lose this pregnancy I don't know what I'll do. I know that Geoff won't want to try again so this is my last chance. I try not to think about it.
Anyways, other than that things are great. Paytons party was good and it was well attended. She got a lot of cool stuff. I shall post some pictures of the birthday girl later. Have a nice evening. I shall post tomorrow the results of my latest blood test.

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Lorrie said...

As the boys would say..."it's not faaaaaaiiiiirrrrr". When I say it it sounds better though and I reserve it for times when it's TRULY not fair. I'm thinking of you...let me know how things are.