Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hard to Genre-alize...

Did you see what I did just there?? It's like the word 'generalize,' but it's not.
Clever, isn't it??
Anyways, I have been having a hard time lately with ascribing a genre to my manuscript.
I have been calling a romantic comedy, which, strictly speaking, isn't exactly a genre.

It's all very confusing because, for example, some literary agencies say they do not represent romance. Personally, when I think of romance I think of this:

"Betsy, trembling, looked into Hugo's eyes- a deep sea of azure desire. They were imploring her to kiss him. Her heart thundered wildly as she pressed her fingertips to his lips- so perfectly sculpted they were."

This is not what I write. Well, except for that. But as a rule, this is not what I write, nor what I read. First of all, it sucks. Secondly- who puts their fingers to someone's lips before they kiss them? I think I would probably start laughing. Just me, maybe, but still. Thirdly, the one and only time my heart has ever 'thundered wildly' was the time that two stray Rottweilers chased me home. I dont' know what that says about me or the state of my marriage, but... Anyways, my book does not have any such scenes of cheesy melodrama. So when an agent says that they don't represent 'romance' I don't know whether my writing would fall under that umbrella or not. I mean, my definition of 'romance' is fairly narrow, but maybe theres is broader and includes all of it's sub genres?- romantic suspense, rom-com, paranormal romance.

I could also categorize my book as chic lit. Which is confusing as well- because there is also womens fiction. Some say they represent chic lit but not womens fiction or vise versa. My take on it is that 'chic lit' is lighter and breezier where 'women's fiction' tackles more serious issues. Although I am not exaclty sure.

I think I'm just going to call it commercial fiction.


Lorrie said...

Salutes on your awesome blog titles of to Nikki for abandoning us. I use the term 'us' because since I left my blog I've adopted yours and it's new name is Here We Go Again by Randine (co-starring Lorrie). And at the rate N is going, her name will come at the end of the credits under 'No animals were harmed in the making of this blog!'

randine said...

Ya, Nikki. WTF??

nikki said...

You bitches suck hard core!!!! I am so freaking busy it is not even funny. Yesterday, I was so busy, I was only on facebook , like 15 times. I go and hang with my peeps at the mall. I dodge stabbers and drunks on my way to the bank. I outsmart the undercover security at safeway...who by the way follows me every fucking time Im in there!!!! What the hell, dude! Do I look like the typical shoplifter?!?! Plus...don't wear full on Yankees shit on the job. I spotted that asshole like he was wearing a sign!
Ok...back to you guys...actually more Lorrie because she started it!!! Ok, I can't think of anything else, so I'll apologize and try to do better next time. Maybe if you put up pictures of celebrities who forget to wear underwear, I'll remember to read it! Oh snap!

nikki said...

Ok...I remembered that I was going to actually comment on the blog until I went into anger sweats when I saw Lorrie's comments.
What happens with Betsy and Hugo?!?! I was on the edge of my seat. That shit is hot! Please keep writing, I've hit a dry patch with my husband. Mostly because he doesn't have and Irish accent or look like Robert Pattinson! Asshole!

randine said...

I wonder how it was that 'Betsy' and 'Hugo' were the first names that popped into my head? I don't know but they TOTALLY work.

nikki said...

Im not joking about the story! I would like it completed and on my desk by monday. Well, I don't really have a desk per say, but if you can move around the junk on the kitchen table, I will accept it there!