Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rough Day at the Office

I was having a pretty good day, up until about 3 pm.
A good day = no rejection letters.
Actually, it had been over 48 hours since my last rejection letter, which I was beginning to consider a lucky streak.
I know- pitiful.
When I first starting querying, the lack of responsiveness just drove me crazy. I thought I would rather get rejection than no response. A simple no. "Hell no" if you want. I don't care. But just answer me.

But then the rejection letters started to trickle in, and then pour.
Now I am actully pretty content with no response. No response means no rejection- although after a period of time goes by, you sort of have to take it as rejetion anyways. But still. It's not outright rejection, and in some ways, that seems kinder.
But when when I checked my inbox a few hours later: two rejection letters. Polite, courteous, to the point. But rejection all the same.
Rough day at the office for me.
But that's okay. One I had pretty much written off as rejection anyways, having not heard back from her for several weeks after my initial query.

Oh well. Life does go on.
And there are many more agents out there, and with my new and improved query (see it under the "Having Grace" tab, I think it kicks ass. I think if it were in prison all the other query letters would be its bitches.)
As another query tracker member said (wrote) to me "You'll going to get rejection, but don't let the rejection get you."

True dat.
Good night.

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Lorrie said...

Love the new format by the by!
Keep your rejection letters/emails and when your writing wins you a Nobel Peace Prize you can read them at your acceptance speech. Don't forget to give me a shout out too.