Friday, June 18, 2010

TMI: How much is too much?

Again, I have been thinking about this blog and how much of myself I should share on here. Instinctively, being an open person, I want to share it all- the good, the bad and the ugly. Although, mostly the bad and the ugly, because frankly, it just seems more interesting than the good. And also, at this point, it seems to outweigh the good by about four to one, so...

A similar issue has come up at work. Yesterday a co worker of mine suggested that I might consider moving my pictures of my kids to the staff room, or some other such neutral territory. Because "You don't really want the patients to look at your kids, do you?"

Well, actually, yes.
I think it's kind of nice for them to see that I'm a mother as well. They often ask about my kids, how old they are, etc. It invites conversation, establishes common ground, helps build rapport. I know that it kind of blurs the boundaries a bit, but I think that sometimes blurred boundaries are good.
Mind you- not sleeping with your patients blurred. More like wearing jeans to work on Fridays blurred.
The point is that I don't want to come across a starched and sterile nurse who is virtually unapproachable. I want to try to make the interaction casual and comfortable, not like "I'm the expert here. I can ask about you but you can't ask about me."

Although I did think that one patient took it too far when he asked if all my kids had the same father. First of all: what kind of a question is that? Why would you ever ask that of someone. Anyone. And secondly: even if the answer were no, I'm pretty sure I would lie to you about it. You wouldn't exactly be the person I would confide in.
That, I thought, would be TMI to share with a patient.
Anyways, what I'm trying to say is that there is a fine line between exposing just enough of yourself to endear yourself to others, and exposing so much that you alienate them or overwhelm them or turn them into stalkers or what have you.

On a different note: I was thinking of sending a picture of my bedroom to this website: .

The theme in my bedroom is Dora the Explorer turned crack whore. Dora toys are strewn about amidst general dissaray,carpets which were once white, or maybe (hopefully) off-white, with various stains- some biological substances, some unknown substances, candy wrappers and spatter of some sort on the walls.

But alas- they ruined my camera.
Isn't that ironic?


randine said...

I hope you enjoy the website by the way. You do not know the lengths I have gone to to put it there for you. I had to embed the code in html, which I don't even know what that is, but I did it. Another "lunch hour" wasted away at work.
Is it tacky to comment on your own blog?
Probably, hey?
Well now I am just talking to myself...

Lorrie said...

Hahahahahahahha, I know what you mean about the html code and am probably the only super geek that finds it funny.
I think it's fine to have pics of your kids in the office and it helps you remember why the hell you're putting up with coworkers telling you to move them in the first place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nikki said...

Maybe your patient was trying to gage if you are a whore or not. Maybe he wanted to father your next baby?

jayceelee said...

I think your patient got that idea cause most nurses don't wear tube tops to work....put some clothes on skank...luv you.

randine said...

That was only one time- for National Wear Your Tube Top to Work Day.