Friday, June 25, 2010


Rejection can be difficult, which is a bad understatement. Maybe even more so than this: "Childbirth may be uncomfortable."

Let me see how many rejections I have to date: 20

Well, that plus literally every agency in Canada.

Which sounds pretty bad but there are only like seven agencies in Canada who rep. my genre so it really isn't that bad. And one of those rejections was on the full manuscript, so at least I got somewhere. But alas, apparently in Canada we are freaking serious about our books. I might have had better luck if my genre was "a brief history of the floundering flounder industry in Nova Scotia during 1993-1999", although I'm pretty sure that's not a genre, strictly speaking. But in any event, for some reason I am ill inclined to write about that.

And yes, I am inclined to use the term 'ill inclined', since I used it as well in my last post.

Anyways. Today I got an email from an agency, which was another one of those "you forgot to send your sample pages" (Really, Randine?? Really??) Although, in my defense- once again, an ambiguous website and my philosophy is when in doubt- query only. Sending sample pages is a formatting problem and if I don't think I need to send them then I don't.) So that was a releif. At least it wasn't rejection.

But there's always a moment where I see the message in my inbox, where I'm both hopeful and terrified. Today, in that instant, I wondered what I was really so afraid of??

Another rejection?

Well, kind of, I guess, but not really.

Sometimes I think that I'm just as afraid of success as I am of rejectin. It means putting myself out there and making myself (and my work) vulnerable. Not to mention the amount of work that goes into editing and revisions and then of course, the next book. But I guess I'll just cross that bridge when I get there.
If I get there.
Let's say when and leave it at that, in keeping with my new favorite slogan "What would Donald Trump Do" which I stole, blatanly, from this website:

And by the way- I know nothing of the flounder market conditions so please don't quote me on that. So far as I know, it is flourishing.
But don't quote me on that, either.

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