Tuesday, June 8, 2010


When Alex woke in the wee hours of Thursday morning several times vomiting, I lost a lot of sleep. Some because I was worried about him. Some because I was doing laundry. But even more than that, I felt almost sick myself when I realized that I couldn't take him to daycare.
The dreaded phone call. I thought about it in my head several times, how I would phrase it. "Alex was sick all through the night, so I can't come in today..."
Even as legitimate as that sounded (as it was, is--what am I saying 'sounded'?), I felt anxious about it.
Times like these, I thought, it would be really nice to have a nanny. But a nanny is a luxury we can't afford, as we're barely making the daycare bills (ie- read "Banking Roulette" for more info.)
Finally I fell asleep, telling myself that things would (maybe) be okay in the morning. Maybe it's just a twenty four hour thing, I thought, although, okay, it had only been twelve, but you never know, right?
I got up and got dressed as though I would be going to work.
Delusional much??

Finally, unable to prolong it any longer, at eight o'clock I roused Alex.
Promptly, he vomited on me. He had a temperature of 38.8
I looked at the clock. 8:00! What a time to phone in sick! An hour before my shift begins!
I looked at Alex, limp and sickly looking, pale and gaunt.
I looked at my outfit. Covered in vomit.
I have no choice, I told myself, steeling myself for the phone call.
My boss's reply was clipped and professional sounding, not outwardly hostile but I could tell she was annoyed- heck, who wouldn't be?? And in her defense, I don't think she was annoyed with me, more the set of circumstances.
You're replaceable, my husband told me (reassured me-- was that meant as reassuring?? I think so maybe but somehow it wasn't) while I was cleaning up vomit. They'll manage without you. I wasn't so sure.
But they did.
Barely, I'm sure, but, they limped through.

Anyways, Alex is spending a few days with his grandma getting some grandma love so I can continue to work this week. I have been missing him a lot, am happy that he will be back tomorrow. I took the opportunity tonight to take the kids to Shrek Ever After, and it was really, really good. I was thinking when I was there about how it doesn't seem so very long ago that we took Gage to see the first Shrek (remember, mom?) and I had to stand out in the lobby with him for most of the movie because he was scared of the dragon. Or the time I took them to the third Shrek movie and I spilled Coke all over my crotch, and we had to sit in the front row and I think I got a form of motion sickness from it. And then I got a parking ticket. What happened during Shrek 2, I cannot say. Don't recall that so it must of went smoothly, how that happened to me I do not know. It was just kind of weird that Gage was there, now going on 13, and we were just having a normal convo- just like two people out at a movie.
Shrek through the ages.
And incidentally, I did get another parking ticket.
At least some things never change.
Anyways. Whatever.
Have a good night.
And whoever you are-thanks for reading.


Lorrie said...

You should have told Geoffrey "the people at work NEED me...they have long teeth. I'm sure the group of eldery men that frequent your establishment can find their own balls". Kidding, I know he does much more than find old men's balls!
I hope he's getting better...it sucks when they're sick for a day let alone a week!

nikki said...

wow...I am behind on the blog! You are a blog machine...cranking them out in record numbers!!!
I really liked Shrek 4, too! I was sort of thinking the same thing about when I first saw Twilight. I was like 31, and when the series is over, I'll probably be 40. Is that too old to still love Robert Pattenson?!?! I tell myself it is not creepy at all!

randine said...

Dude. I think anything over 15 is too old to be in love with Robert Pattenson. I'm over him.

nikki said...

Oh, man...thanks alot!!!
Iguess im not going to mention all my Justin Beiber posters!!!