Monday, February 5, 2007

Having Grace- Synopsis

Here is the rough synopsis for the book I am writing.

Meet Kristina Hoffman. 24 years old, bright, young and fertile. Desperate to get out of debt fast, she signs a deal with the devil. The deal: simple. Carry a child for forty weeks and walk away with six figures in the bank account. Or so it had seemed simple, once upon a time. What she hadn’t bargained for was the demands of an impossible, and slightly irrational, mom to be: a full out ban on coffee, strict bed rest, random urine tests and a “natural” childbirth. Kristina must navigate all of this this whilst also dealing with a budding new romance, an evil ex and family conflict, having grace all along. Or trying to, anyways.


Lorrie said...

That sounds REALLY good although you will have to hire me for editing purposes and to lead the sales team after the book is complete. I request a 25% commission on all sales. Not cheap, I know but when you want the best you pay the most!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha, really does sound good! Love your SIL

gailcathcart said...

Hey Randi.
Love the low down on your new book. I look forward to reading excerpts from it. Men are not always the smartest species. It sometimes takes them a few years to learn the art of ASS KISSING!!! Sounds like your husband is on the right track. Have a great day and keep writing!
Love Aunt Gail
ps Will you be doing a pregnancy test today?

vsorowski said...

DITTO! Whatever Our Aunt (Gail) said I say!!!
Love yo' Momma