Sunday, February 18, 2007

Meet the new addition!!!

ITS A BOY!! Weighing in at three pounds, we took our new baby home yesterday. We weren't really planning on getting another dog. I took the kids to Petland to look at the dogs. Payton loves going there. She gets so excited. And we saw this little fella. He's a Pug/Boston Terrier cross. As soon as I saw him I just fell in love. We asked the 'pet counsellor' if we could hold him. He was so happy to get out of his little cage, he was going wild kissing us and wagging his tail. And I just had to have him. Just look at that little face. I was actually going to just bring him home and surprise Geoff, but then I thought he might be a tad bit angry. Escpecially when he sees the price tag. ($1088.00). So I came home, begged and pleaded until he finally relented. So now we have a new puppy.
Unfortunately, I've forgotten what it's like having a new puppy. He chews everything. My hands are bloody. I had to get up at 3:30 this morning to take him outside. He sniffed every possible surface before finally choosing a spot to do his business. He's not getting along with the other animals. They hate him. We have to watch him every second so he doesn't get killed, because he doesn't realize that he's smaller than they are, he lips off to them, barking and such. But, just look at that face. They say that once out of being a puppy, he'll be a really good, low maintenance dog. They don't need much exercise, are pretty sedentary, will reach a maximum weight of fifteen pounds, and need virtually no grooming. He also loves the kids. His little tail just wags when they're around. And he can really get Payton going, giggling and giggling. So I think it will work out fine. I just hope that the kids didn't have their heart set on college. There's nothing wrong with being a janitor. It's a very noble living. Besides, law school is such a bore. We'll all be much happier this way. Right??


n.straker said...

Firstly... he is very cute
Secondly...are you crazy!!!! That is a very expensive puppy. I hate to tell you this, but I saw registered pugs with shots in the paper for a lot less $. Sorry. Wow. Liam wants to come for a visit. You should charge admission!

gailcathcart said...

Very cute, but not the addition I was expecting. Have a greaat day Randine.
Love Aunt Gail

Lorrie said...

What the samhell??? I thought...for some reason, that he was only 200$!!!!!! I hate to tell you but my Lillian who is show cat material was FREE. That probably fills your heart with regret but I had to tell you. FREE. He's cute but holy jumping whillikers...that's a lot of bling. I wouldv'e got a pool, haha.

randine said...

I know it is a lotta dough. But my argument to Geoff was that if he lives ten years it's only a hundred dollars a year- for all that inlimited joy and love!! If you break that down, it's about like ten dollars a month. When you look at it like that, it's a bargain, really. Less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day.
PS- we just named him. His name is Baxter Makepeace.