Monday, February 19, 2007

Just call me Shleprock

For those of you wondering, the reference to Shleprock apparently dates to a nintey seventy something SNL episode (back in the day when the show was actually funny and when we as a society were not too lazy to abbreviate Saturday Night Live to SNL). Being WAY before my time, I never saw such episode. But apparently, the character was this fellow named Schleprock and everywhere he went a rain cloud was overtop of him, dousing him in rain 24/7. Anyways, I guess my dad used to joke with my uncle that they were the Schleprock brothers. It seems as though they have passed that trait down to the next generation.

I phoned the Brick today. And you absolutely won't believe this. Another delay. Shocking. Apparently, it should be in within a week or so, heavy emphasis on the word should. Its just so frustrating. If they would have told me at the outset that it was going to take this freaking long I would have just went somewhere else.

And my baby Payto has been sick. I had to take her to Emerg last night. She was running a fever. She was pale. Her lips were just cracked and dry. She was lethargic, barely more than waking up all day. But they tested her urine and did a throat swab. Nothing came back positive. So they say its just a virus that will run its course. She actually seems a bit better now.

And that cute little dog is wreaking havoc on this house. He barks a lot. He's crazy. He bites and chews. Even baby Paytons hands are all bloody now. We all have blood on our hands.

So, all in all, between the cleaning up dog doo, feeding jello to an inconsolable child and having my feet chewed to shit, it has not been a great weekend. The phone call with the Brick was just the icing on the cake. Call me Shleprock.

To cheer you up, I will attach a picture of my Payton (feeling a bit better and sporting her new sunglasses which she's quite fond of wearing, though I personally, have seen no sun). I will also attach a picture of the Bodylogic 3000, my new bed which should be coming any day now, theoretically. Perhaps by the time the kids go to college!!!


Lorrie said...

Well'll get better. I hope the Tomato feels better soon and just one question but don't get there a return policy on those dogs??????? I know you love him already but honestly...I can get you a top of the line Lily reincarnation for FREE. Let me know.

Lorrie said...

Oh my gawd...I just clicked on Payto's pic and I can see the carnage incurred by the 'puppy' on her poor little hand. Reminds me of when the Lilmeister was a baby and ate our skin for breakfast, lunch, and supper.

Lorrie said...

Sorry to get your hopes up when you saw "3 comments" but I also meant to ask you...didn't you say you were doing a test today?????????????????????????????????????????? So annoying I know but please update whether it be by telephone, email, blog, or fax if you wish. Toodles.

randine said...

Whats your fax #?