Wednesday, February 7, 2007

More Bad News

Some of you have been asking if I've done a pregnancy test yet. Very funny. Even Geoff, yesterday when I came home from work said "So-- was it positive?" I was like 'screw you' and he was like 'oh, now you're just too emberassed to admit to it." But truthfully, I don't think I'm pregnant yet. I think tonights the night. Day 15 is more important for me than day 13 because I tend to have a thirty day cycle, so its at the midpoint right now, which is a crucial juncture. I'm pretty sure that I'll be pregnant tomorrow night at this time, although it will be too early to confirm with a test. Speaking of which, I was looking at my lab stats for the last six months. On average, I do about 13 pregnancy tests a month at the clinic, plus or minus two. Last month I did 22. I was actually a little nervous about turning the stats in to the lab supervisor but then I was like "what is she going to accuse me of-- selling them on the black market??" I looked back and I was like 'ah, 22 that's not so bad. I did 24 back in August." But then I remembered that August also happened to be the month that I found out I was pregnant with Reid. Coincidence? Maybe.

So there's something that has been bothering me A LOT lately. I try to keep my feelings hidden, but I know that its not good to keep things bottled up. I don't know if it's just my jaded perception of the world or if it is, in fact, reality, but it seems to me that that STUPID add plays WAY TOO MUCH. I swear to you I hear it every flipping day, and sometimes twice a day. I honestly can't figure out how its a free service with the amount of money they must spend on advertising?!? Every time I hear it coming I start to cringe. I would take anything, any crap song over that commercial. Even a marathon of Trooper hits. Once I actually changed the station, only to discover that it was on the OTHER station as well. It was like it was following me, haunting me everywhere I went and there was nowhere to go except perhaps NewsTalkRadio but I'm not really ready for that yet, maturity speaking.

And speaking of paranoid. I've been enjoying posting my new book on the blog for others to look at. But today it occured to me: what if some Joe Schmoe out there reads it, submits it to some Hollywood big wig, makes a million dollars while I sit at home, blissfully unaware, listening to ads for And then I try to submit it and they're like 'thats plagiarism', 'that's a criminal offence under section XYZ of the criminal code' and then they haul my ass into jail where I can only wish I could hear the commercial one more time. So now I'm worried. Even more so than the tapeworm scare of January '07, which by the way, I think has passed.
And lastly, the subject of this post. More bad news from the bastards at the Brick (try saying that three times fast). They phoned last night to tell us that our bed was on a shipping delay and wasn't expected to arrive until Feb 15th at the earliest. Argh. Needless to say, I was not very happy. But whatever. It will come eventually. At least I hope so. But I'd better go and watch Criminal Minds. Peace out.


Lorrie said...

I warned you about the fricking frack Brick a brack. Didn't I...didn't I?????????? Say, you were right Lorrie and bow. Thank you!

gailcathcart said...

I CAN"T STAND the jobshop commercial, sorry Randi, but it is on talk radio 15,000000 times a day. There is no escape from it. Thank you for letting me vent. You gotta do what you gotta do with those pregnancy tests!! Keep on testing Randi. Have a great day!
Love Aunt Gail

randine said...

But do you think I'm being paranoid about the plagiarism thing?? Or What?

vsorowski said...

Well dear, I do think paranoia is a little too strong a word!
I do not know what commercial you speak of! Give me a few words?!
By the way How about this climate thing?! cOLD ENUFF FOR EVERYONE, AND WHO KEEPS BRINGING' THE DARNED SNOW??!! Yo' Mama