Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Heeeeeere's Lexi!!!!

I know-- not very cute. But she's very young at the present moment.
Don't get too excited. I'm not officially pregnant. But as I tried to explain to my hubby, I think it's a strong possibility. Today at work, out of boredom, I decided to do a test. My period is not due for another week or so, but I thought what the heck. And the result was probably, what I could best desscribe as a 'weak positive'. There was a slight positive, but it was really faint. And by faint I mean practically invisible. So I wasn't sure how to interpret it. So I asked for a second opinion. They guy said ''no- negative. I don't see this line you claim to see.' But the more I looked at it the more clearly I saw it. So I got a third opinion. She said she could see it. She said it was faint, to be sure, but it was there. Faint is precisely what you would expect to see at this stage. The hormone, HcG thats being tested doesn't reach the level that it needs to be at (>20units) to reach the threshold of sensitivity for the test until the first day of your missed period. Lower levels below may be detectable, but it would most certainly show as a really weak positive. So, basically, its a matter of waiting it out a bit more. I plan on testing my EMU tomorrow. (You remember that from last month- Early moring urine- the gold standard of urinalysis).
I tested my EMU. More of the same. A very weak positive. But I asked the doc I worked with and she said she agreed with me- weak positive. She told me to retest in three days. So, I guess it's just a matter or waiting for a few more days. But now I'm already stressed out because my back is real sore right now. It could be a long pregnancy if I am indeed preggo. I plan on testing again on the weekend. Anyways, that's all for now. TTFN.


vsorowski said...

WeLLLLL! I don,t quite know what to say. I border on hopeful optimism, and too bad for you-- in the wine drinking department!( especially with your impending Loove weekend at the lake! Anyhoos I am at a loss for what might be, as your bro and sil are still keeping us guessing on little Freddy/Fredrika!I was so positive on the femininity of their baba,as lo calls it!Anyways fingers crossed,if not your legs!!) yo' mama

vsorowski said...

I understand that you want comments here and they should be by more than one person, but I just had to tell you a jeapordy contestant story!Not to steal Lexi's thunder, or to steal you title as reigning miss "ToastMistress" story, but here goes.
It would seem there once was a young gal who was known for nicknames to the pt SHE was actually nicknamed "NICKNAME". It all started when a whole group from her swim team--Yes, you got it- the entire team!! went out for lunch,- she had salad and ate the GARNISH,Hence, her 1st nickname "GARNISH! Another time a group had volunteered community service, as it would turn out "OLD GARNISH", Got all the gardening jobs; to her dismay much weeding transpired that summer!! She soon also became,(as if "garnish" was not enough!) Ready??!! "WEEDER"
What a Hoot , Huh? Just had to share and again there is no intention of stealing any one else's Thunder"as it were" !
Signing off for now, Ma

Lorrie said...

Is that a 'for real' Jeopardy story? If so I say, "my word is that gay!".
It's not my fault this kid won't do the splits and I'm sorry MIL but I do believe it's a boy. I'm happy though as now I can use my famous family name after my dear papa and call him Elmer NOT as in the glue.
Dini...I think you are prego as I told you you would be in March but if you're not April is the month of love as it's my birth month and years down the road you can tell Lexi that you got it on on her Aunt's Bday. won't that make an excellent wedding tale?
I thought you weren't doing a test 'till Tuesday you fiend. At least your work peeps know full and well upfront that you are trying to get dun and impregnated.
Talk to you dudes on Sat. when I return with stories from Wolseley. We should all get together for tea and crumpets. Love LEW

vsorowski said...

Yes IT IS A FOR REAL STORY!(I know its hard to imagine but you know what they say----"life is stranger than fiction"Don't we all wish life could be so exciting!?

gailcathcart said...

Oh MY God Randine!! I don't think there is anyting such as a little bit pregnant so my guess is, YOU'RE PREGNANT ! I did not read your blog until today and I'm really glad I did. I'm thinking there are congrats in store for your up coming pregnancy. As for the Jepordy story, it's a great one Jackie!!! Love you Randi and I will be checking your blog 30 times a day from now on.
Love Aunt Gail
Ps Love the book also!