Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sleepless in Seattle

Well, here we are. The first day down of my greuling three day work week. Yesterday, as you know, was a holiday. I took Friday off so that I could go to the lake this weekend for some much needed R&R. I am very much looking forward to that and will thank my parents in advance for their willingness to babysit.
Last night was a long night. Baxter, in his short time here, has grown to love us very much. So much that, in fact, the mere idea of us sleeping three feet away from him in a bed is very, very distressing to him. We put his kennel in our room. He cried at first, but then, he usually does and he usually quits after about ten minutes or so. Not the case last night. He carried on for quite some time. And then, when the crying stopped, we breathed a sigh of relief. Only to find out that the worst was yet to come. After the crying he went into this kind of low pitched howl. It was then that I moved his kennel into the kitchen. This proceeded for quite some time. Eventually it stopped. Only to be replaced by a high pitched howl. It was at this point that I moved his kennel into the basement. This was at about five am. I had slept nary a wink and was all too aware that the alarm clock was going to go off all too soon. When Gage (who, by the by, sleeps in the basement) woke up this morning he said that his ears hurt from plugging them all night long so hard. It would have been sad if I had the energy to feel sorry for him. So I'm not sure what we'll do tonight. If he's like that again I think we may end up with two dogs in bed with us. Poor Geoff, who never wanted this dog in the first place, was the first to say 'maybe we'd be better off if we let him sleep with us'. It would be funny in an ironic sort of way if only I had the energy to laugh.
So that's that. Never buy a dog on impulse. Just fight the urge. Not to mention the fact that I had to get up and take him outside at two, four and six o'clock. I keep telling myself that he'll be a lot better in a month or even in a few weeks. I can only hope.
And on to other news. I did another pregnancy test today and it was more of the same-- weak positive. I'll just test again on Thursday. Fun fact about HcG: it doubles every forty hours for the first ten weeks of pregnancy, at which point it stabilizes. So that is all for now. I shall go to bed and I pray to God that I can get some sleep tonight. Peace out.


jayceelee said...

That sucks about your dog. Do they have any guarantee at Petland? I hate to say it but can you take him back? Do they actually do that at a pet store? I know you are going to grow to love him. You grew to love Gee, so give the dog a chance! Ha Ha I am just joking! You know the both of you rock. Keep posting pictures of your family, those are my favorite. Hope Payton is feeling better, there is nothing worse that a sick toddler when you feel helpless that you can't console them.

Love ya Jody

Lorrie said...

I'd beat the little bastard. Seriously...I'd beat me if I howled all night. Kidding...or am I????
So just the Paytonater didn't wake up??? Lucky girl doped up on meds to the max. I can totally relate 'cause when Lil is in heat it's DISGUSTING the ear shattering noises that come out of such a little thing. Gross. Toodles, love you!

gailcathcart said...

Sounds like you have a delightful little family pet on your hands. Your Payton is sooooo adorable hope she is feeling much better. Love you Randi, and I'm hoping you get some sleep!
Aunt Gail