Monday, February 12, 2007

Is it cold enough for you?

I just couldn't resist but to talk about the weather. I usually try to avoid this, because I don't want to be one of those annoying people who say "Is it cold enough out there for you out there?" because it's like 'well, let me see. Only minus forty four?? Actually, I could stand another few degrees colder." To talk about the weather is futile. We choose to live in this crazy province, so I guess we should just shut up, get out our shovels and mits and keep the car plugged in at night. But seeing as its been minus fifty three for the last ten days I'm getting a little tired of it. And I've decided to speak out on it.
I spent the weekend inside. The car was a no go (that's what happens when you don't plug it in at night, and also when you drive a ninety four vehicle). I did a variety of things from washing floors to playing with play dough, to watching countless hours of Treehouse on the telly. While I'm sure it sounds fantastic, let me tell you: it's not all its cracked up to be. I found myself strangely happy to be at work this morning and doing something other than scrubbing dried up ketchup off the table. I just want to go outside. I can handle a day or two of cold weather. But this is crazy. I'm getting bloody sick and tired of peing penned up. I feel like a caged animal. The only break I get from the house work is work work. The only break I get from work work is house work. What is that saying about all work and no play?? I can't remember but I think that the gist of it is that its not good for you.
And a funny thing happened. The more irritated I become with the kids, the less I continued to think I was pregnant. At this point I am quite sure that I'm not pregnant. And I'm quite content to not do any testing. I'll just wait and see. If I am, fine. If I'm not then I guess thats cool, too. I started to think about it and think like 'if I don't get pregnant again maybe I can take a vacation'. I guess it seems kind of crazy to trade a kid for some sun, but right now I'd gladly trade the two I have for a little bit of 'me' time, even without the sun. They are circling me right now with empty toilet paper rolls singing some kind of a tribal war song by the sounds of it. Anyhoo, you may have noticed that I made this blog private. I just don't have Jens email adress so if someone could email it to me I can invite her, too. That is all for today. Lets all pray to our higher power that the weather will turn around soon.


vsorowski said...

Yup, shor' 'nuff is! From yer ma

Lorrie said...

Since it's private I can post her email here:

If you want a warm trip YOU MAY BE AWARE that we're going to Cuba in February so there you go!!!!!!!!!!!

gailcathcart said...

I'm with you Randine, I am ready to come out of hibernation already!!! Have a brrrrright day!! (get it brrrr)
love Aunt Gail