Monday, March 12, 2007

A decision has been reached!

Well, after much soul searching, I have finally arrived at a decision in the family planning area. I have decided that it seems reasonable to stop at this point. We have a boy and a girl already. A million dollar family. And we are more are less stretched to our financial limit right now. And in two years Payton will be ready for kindergarten. If we have another baby I will just be going back to work and needing to start all over with childcare, etc. It is, in a way, a relief. I feel good about the fact that we won't need to worry about money for college tuitions, etc. And perhaps a family vacation will be in order soon. Even trying to get pregnant was taking its toll. I'm glad in a way that I won't be going through that this month. Because as much as you try to tell yourself that you're not getting your hopes up, the day your period comes is pretty freaking crappy. So Geoff is going to call the DF tomorrow (Dr. Fenton) and book an appointment. He doesn't even seem the slightest bit hesitant. I think he actually wants to go. Even right now I'm looking at the computer tower and its scribbled all over with bright red marker. I just shake my head. Soon they'll be older... Soon I'll have some peace of mind and maybe, just maybe, a somewhat tidy household.
So that is what's new with me. I am a little saddened because that may mean the end of my blog, as that is why I started writing this blog. I don't know what I'll write about if not my compulsive urine tests. Don't cry for me Argentina.
Anyways, I have not heard back from anyone about the meatloaf. Its like a shot right through my heart. Come on guys, get cooking. I will offer a reward for the first person to reply that they made the meatloaf. I won't tell you now what it is, mainly because first off I'm not that sure yet what the prize will be. And secondly, I'm pretty sure that whatever it is, its not going to be anything so awesome that it really persuade anyone. Damn. Guess I shouldn't have given that away.
And also, I haven't heard back from everyone on the kitchen issue. See, I myself, am somewhat partial to the blue but I'm a little nervous that it will make the kitchen look dark and gloomy. And I was watching a show yesterday where the designer said that blue is the hardest color to do because its really hard to get the right shade. Anyways, please let me know what you are thinking if you have not done so already.
Peace out.


jayceelee said...

Go blue!!!! I think the blue walls and your cupboards(are they already yellow or beige) will create a cheerful sunny day feeling. I will be at Ikea this Friday so let me know if I can pick up anything for your new kitchen. Blue is really big at that store, you would find some great kitchen accessories!
I'm glad you and Gee have made your decision. I am especially proud of him for going to get the "Friday morning special" (thats what they call it at my dr.'s office). You have two beautiful amazing children, take your time to enjoy each one in their own way. We really have to get Reis and Payton together. Really there only what 10 months apart? I think it would be really cute.
So how fattening is this meatloaf? Until you post the nutritional value of this dish, I will sit on the fence. (it does sound really good though)
Love you and take care.....Jody

Lorrie said...

I'm so happy for you guys?! I added a question mark AND an exclamation point just to cover all the bases. I'm happy but I'm kind of sad too although either decision would have been good. I know how hard it must have been.
Don't end your blog...everyone reading it knows what it's about and I still want to read it and your book.
Tell Geoff we're very proud of him and will send him flowers and candy after his snip. I know how he feels about Drs. so for him to go ahead with it shows how much he loves you nerds.
Are you still considering the time off in May????? I think you should if you can.
Also, I'll say I still like the yellow or maybe a different shade of blue. Not so 'sky blue'.
Trent has actually been wanting to try meatloaf so when we do we'll use your crazy recipe.
I've now written a blog entry so I shall stop.
Love you all.

vsorowski said...

It Is good you feel relief at making the decision! I am happy for you and sad at the same time, but I shall get over it and I love my babies so much!!!The one coming , your nephew, will be plenty exciting. Love you , mom

gailcathcart said...

I know that was a tough decision for you to make. I'm happy for you that you feel some relief. Tell Geoff only "REAL MEN" get snpped. Way to go Geoff! As for your kitchen color, yellow is the new toupe! I have to go now I'm running to the store to get stove top stuffing for my meatloaf.
Love Aunt Gail
ps you cannot stop your blog, I'm still waiting for the next installment of your book!

vsorowski said...

Randi, its me again, mom! Please blog-casat your original due date for Reed Jayden----I think we would probably like to mark that day! Thanx, Loveya! Ma