Sunday, March 4, 2007

More decisions...

I have another tough decision to make. I'm planning on painting the kitchen and can't choose between blue and yellow. I'm not planning on painting right now. It's more like within the next couple of months. A short term goal. I plan on painting it and replacing the blinds and getting a new light fixture above the table. Just little cosmetic things, but hopefully it will make it a big difference. Eventually, we hope to replace the patio doors with French doors but thats a little out of our price range right now what with our 30% interest rate loan at the Brick. Not to mention my little furry friend with a thousand dollar price tag, who I must tell you, slept the night last night!! From 11:00 until 7:30. It was great. Anyways, here are the paint chips. I will put this to a public vote. By the way, the background color is the cabinets, dirty as you can see.

A big shout out to everyone with regards to my last entry. I appreciate your comments. There are no easy answers. Geoff and I will have to make a decision soon, as this week is when I'm fertile. I have to say that I tend to lead towards not having another baby, especially when I think about the face that thirty looms in the not to distant future for me and forty for Geoff.

On a completely different note, I wanted to share with y'all a great recipe. This is the simplest thing. To make meatloaf you simply mix hamburger with a package of Stove Top stuffing mix. And you needn't add anything else. It has the breadcrumbs, onions and spices. It holds it together beautifully and it tastes great. You must try it. You simply must. If you do, please report back to me on what you thought of it. I will thank my momma for the recipe. That woman is a genius in the kitchen I tell ya.

Lastly, I don't know who out there is watching American Idol this season. But for those of you that follow the program, I'm cheering for Blake. I think he's awesomely talented. I also like Brandon and Jared. Who are you cheering for? Well, have a nice evening and pleasant Monday. And about that: who says 'have a pleasant day?' I've been to Superstore a few times and been told to 'have a pleasant day'. I must admit that I felt slightly slighted. It's like 'what I'm not good enough for 'have a good day'?? I must settle for just plain pleasant?? And speaking of pleasant, I'm glad to report that they have a new jobshop commercial now. Its still maddeningly annoying, but at least it's different.


Lorrie said...

I like the yellow shade. I think it'll brighten up the room and look good against your dark table. It's hard to get a good shade of blue these days...they all end up looking 'cheap' somehow. That's my opinion anyhow which doesn't always mean a lot.
By the by...the green I picked for the baba's room is like florescent!!!!!!!!!!! Pick wisely my friend, pick wisely.

vsorowski said...

your life is all about choices!!! Yellow is my pick! The Genius comment is gratefully accepted,(It is about time, you realized!!)Looking forward to hearing "have a PLEASANT day", instead of,Ma'm do you need help out to the car with that?,"I aint Friggin' 90 years old and can still carry 2 or even 3 bags a reasonable distance, anyhoos, that is why I prefer The Pleasant Day greeting!I dont think any woman enjoys being called MA'M! Love yo' Mama

jayceelee said...

I'm going to be the odd ball and pick blue. I've always liked blue. Why don't you do like the Canadian Tire commercial and paint a bit of the wall each color and choose what you like. Why don't you find some accessories first to see what would offset the color. I think it would be too much yellow if you went yellow. Then again don't take my word, I have lime green curtains in my room.

Smell ya later Jody

gailcathcart said...

Go Yellow Randi, it is the new toupe!
Love you have a great day!
Aunt Gail