Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hold the presses

Remember how I was saying yesterday that life pulls us in directions we never expected?? Well, it happened again. It seems that I was not meant to be the poster girl for STDs. The reporter decided to shoot some students on campus instead. Now you may be disapointed, as I am sure you were looking forward to that autograph session at Macs, but I, for one, am relieved. The unfortunate thing is that I have permed my hair for no good reason and have a paisley silk blouse that I have no real use for anymore. Anyways, I think that I put that reporter off for too long so he took his camera elsewhere, which I feel OK about. All day yesterday I rehearsed my little spiel in my head but then every time I tried to say it out loud I would get it wrong. I just don't think I'm meant to be in the limelight.
I'm actually not sure why they call it the lime light. There are no limes. There's light, of course. But no limes. Think about it. Strange, isn't it?? So in that light, I don't want to be in the lime light, or the lemon light, or ANY kind of citrus light at all whatsoever.
And speaking of lime light, how about Idol last night?? I CAN'T believe that that little punk ass crap singer Sanjaya is still on there. Brandon was WAY better, but he forgot some words, but all in all he kicked Sanjaya's a**. I don't understand that show. No wonder the justice system in America is so corrupt. People down there can't tell their heads from their assholes. But at least Blake is still in there. Go Blake.
So I continue to be at a standstill with the kitchen. Its very confusing because people say blue so then I think blue. But then yesterday I was informed that yellow is the new taupe. There are no easy anwers when it comes to home decor I tell you. I think I will simply wait for a sign from above.
Well, anyways, thats it for now. Have a pleasant day.

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gailcathcart said...

I'm so disappointed that I won't be seeing you on the news. and standing in long line ups to get your autograph. I heard on some talk show today that there is a campaign on to keep that creepy kid on Idol. Apparrantly stupid Howard Stern is telling all his listeners to call and keep him on the show even though he is not so good. Any ways that's all I know for now. Hope your day is a good one!!
Love Aunty Gail